GeekNights Monday - The Dark Web

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the Dark Web. In the news, our flights were late, youtube inconsistently enforces its "policy" on "instructional" hacking videos, 7-11 Japan had an egregious security breach, that Grubhub story you heard is more nuanced than you may expect, Grubhub overall is just the same conversation as Amazon is, and the kids are falling for 90s-era phishing attacks.

Rym and Emily have launched a spinoff show on Disney theatrical animation!

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What kind of digital hellhole is your food service like? I rarely find a delivery place that doesnt have online ordering these days, literally have never had issues with it. I try to avoid using Grubhub/Doordash at all costs. Costs more money, delivery takes twice as long, and every time I’ve done it i get a call from the delivery guy to reverify my order because the grubhub menu does not match the actual restaurant menu.

I’m unwilling to figure out and have an account on a bunch of different restaurant web sites. I also like to browse all of my delivery options in one place and then choose one. No way I’m going to 100 different restaurant web sites and finding the menu on each of them.

Grubhub deliveries in NYC are lightning fast. I’ve never had the restaurant call me, never had a problem with the menu, nothing. It’s the best way by far to get food delivered. Over 400 restaurants deliver to my apartment via Grubhub.

So what kind of digital hellhole is your food service like? Why are your restaurants failing so hard at Grubhub?

To be fair, Grubhub sucks in Seattle and most other places I’ve ever visited. But in New York, it’s A+++.

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Its pretty good in Philadelphia as well, once in awhile a place will only be on sliceline or ubereats or some other competitor, but grubhub is still the standard generally. Its great to have a one stop shop for a variety of places and cuisines that I know will deliver to my address and mess ups tend to be much lower when its a computer printed order vs somebody’s misheard scribble on an order sheet. If a menu is out of date on Grubhub it is the restaurant’s fault the majority of the time.

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/15 characters of Grubhub works fine in DC/VA as well.

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Seattle is where Grubhub has failed me the most. Few options, took forever, etc…

The rest of the fails are small towns where there’s only a couple restaurants anyway.

Seattle in general struggles from the planning and transit gridlock issues that I’d imagine this directly affects delivery time with all the commuter traffic through their many bottlenecks.

Been in multiple towns across MA and have never had issues with online ordering. Every delivery place around me has adequate online menus, and I don’t ever have to compare or shop around. If i want pizza I use google for pizza near me. Same goes for Chinese, Mexican, Indian, etc. I’ve never had to make an account for any site. I guess the use case for Grubhub in urban areas is far less applicable in the suburbs.

Uber Eats and Door Dash are better in this area, but can still improve.