GeekNights Monday - Tech News Roundup - March 2020

Tonight on GeekNights, we have a Tech News Roundup! In the news:

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Are Virus-Bacteria mechsuits how multicell life evolved?

Anime idea. Cells at work, but bacteria mechs!

Viruses at work.

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A reminder:

Our Govt department uses MS Skype and MS Teams. We have 30+ people video talking at the same time, works perfectly.

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WSL can run Windows applications now. So you might be able to export BROWSER=“c:\program files\whatever\firefox.exe” and have jupyter do the right thing.

Yeah, I am pretty sure I explained that was part of my solution. Only wslview is an even better option.

Hm. Would have thought you could skip installing the third-party thing.

They seem pretty useful for any WSL installation.