GeekNights Monday - Scott's Crashy Computer


Nah, my HTPC is very new and godlike.

But getting a budget AMD GPU for it is not the worst idea if any are available.


Did you start The Odyssey?


Yes, but not much. I’ve got too much going on right now. I am trying to finish buying new furniture for the living room. Then I have to start planning for Essen.


Ya know what. That’s not the worst idea for a stream I’ve ever heard. I actually may watch that. It’s been a few years since I did a build and just watching one from start to finish may, just may, make me feel like I’ve done one recently.


Who are you and what have you done with Scott?


It’s an HTPC, a cheapo GPU doesn’t matter. It just has to be significantly better than the integrated one.


I know. I was just messing. Just like the top of the thread, I don’t actually think you broke it on purpose because you wanted a new one.


Fifteen characters of FTFY


I don’t actually want a new one, but I do want to be able to sit at the computer and use it and have it be as stable as this iPad I am using right now.


If i was building an HTPC now im liking what i see on these new AMD Ryzen APUs. Certainly enough juice for streaming and playback of media content, and even basic gaming, and no need to allocate room to slot in a GPU, i dont see how it can go wrong?


Overpriced DDR4 still makes me cringe right now.


I was reading that the RAM shortage is actually hurting the video card shortage more than a lack of GPUs. I think ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, etc. are sitting there with 1080s, but no video RAM.


FedEx says all my computer bits will be here tonight. If they come through, I will stream the build on YouTube.


I have taken ownership of Scott’s crashy computer and discovered the issue. Those of you that said bad RAM are the winners. It would pass the bootable RAM tests, but if I loaded it something more memory intensive like Prime95 it would fail immediately. So this should be DDR3 running at 1600MHz. It doesn’t like that, I turned it down all the way to 800MHz to make it stable. There’s probably just one DIMM that’s bad and making it unstable, but I’d rather just keep the RAM as a 32GB set working slowly. I’m putting ESXi on the machine and 32GB is conveniently the limit of the free license.


But how do you intentionally break RAM, of all the things?


Scott is a master of computers, I’m sure he has his ways.


My old AMD k7’s motherboard died due to the capacitor plague, but there is a chance I exacerbated the problem by stressing the computer with some heavy-handed overclocking.


Not sure how people here feel about Massdrop, but they have an MSI Geforce GTX 1080 for $699 now:


That’s still too expensive.

Thanks to George I have learned that motherboards are not good at figuring out RAM timings automatically. I typically leave most settings in my UEFI/BIOS on auto or default, especially the ones in the overclocking menu. However, I went and checked. Even on my brand new PC, the timings it had set did not match what was on the spec page for my RAM on Newegg.

I also learned all about XMP, so I loaded that up, and all the timings are now correct.


700 isn’t far off from what I paid for a 1080 around last New year’s. I think it was the 650 range. At these price points it’s almost mootif supply is limited. Still expensive tho.