GeekNights Monday - PostgreSQL

No, the database isn’t built in. It’s just that all the updates to the database happen on my laptop, as there’s way too much going on for the server to handle and write.

I’d explain how it works, but Scott will just tell me I’m doing it wrong, and I can’t be bothered with that right now.


I’ve been really into Hurdy Gurdies for a while now, and I’m actually working on building one myself, though I’m going full-size rather than a kit - If you’ve got the skill, it’s basically the only non-minikit option, considering the most boxy, basic-ass beginner gurdy is like $800 USD. And when I finally have the thing built and tuned up, if I’m not into it, hey, I can always sell it for half the price of those, and still make a profit.

I’ve even got a full set of plans I’m working on converting into something a little more readable and usable. I’m honestly kind of excited, it’s the first time I’ve made an instrument other than Cigar-box guitars.

I bet I can find the episodes and timecodes where Scott is giving me shit for using postgres. It was probably around 2008.

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I mean, if we’re allowed to go back to 2008, we can talk about you promoting the year of Linux on the Desktop.

It’s pretty much every year until Steam started filling up with the good stuff.

Yeap. That was the dead era of PC gaming. The dark age before a risen sun and a glorious renaissance.

Dark times indeed. Much like the day after you realized what TF2 had become.

Kind of weird to do an April fool’s prank so late. Scott messed up a couple times and said SQL right though.