GeekNights Monday - Phishing

If you’re playing with Psionics, you’re asking for a hot mess. And that’s great if everyone’s on board.

If you’re looking for a less crazy, more subdued but still interesting take on Psionics, look at Stars Without Number.

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Ugh I am a perfect example of why everyone who can get vaccinated should. I had a bad reaction to the TdaP as a kid and the doctor said not to get the second dose. So I had partial immunity, but not total, and I caught Whooping Cough as a teenager. And even with the severity being reduced by partial immunity IT STILL SUCKED SUPER HARD.

I didn’t realize Kenshiro was an anti-vaxxer.

If we had Kenshiro, we wouldn’t need vaccines.

Or Super Doctor K, aka Kenshiro with an MD.