GeekNights Monday - Phishing

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Phishing and how to protect yourself from it. In the news, beware the Inception Bar of phishing on mobile, Apple cracked down on dubious parental control and screen time apps, and the US measles outbreak is growing.

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Funny you guys mentioned how your channel is found by searches for game design, that’s exactly how i found it

Funny how data matches reality. This is why companies are so happy to offer free services in exchange for it.


Welp, guess I don’t have to wait for a new Necrophagist album anymore.


For the record, Ravenloft is now part of the roaving plane of Barovia that kinda randomly shows up and sucks people up then vanishes.

Dark Sun hasn’t been updated since 4th ed. It was heavily dependant on Psionics, which ALSO haven’t been updated for 5th ed, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on it coming back soon.

Man, I miss my Wilder. Altough Soulknife was turbo op.

Safari on iOS always keeps a small version of the location bar on screen and actually pops it out when the fake bar pops up.

I miss Dark Sun so much, I haven’t played in it since 2nd. I was really holding out for a 3.5/pathfinder version but it never happened. I have a weird dislike for 4th.

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There was a fan conversion for 3.5, but it wasn’t so hot. You could just play 2e but, wow, it’s such a mess.

Grab your 2e books and your favorite D&D/clone and have at it.

I feel like Dark Sun was so tied to like… The late 70s early 80s brand of dark, bleak fantasy that I don’t know if you could do it again today.

It would definitely have an audience from nostalgia, cult classic appeal, and just being novel fantasy, but almost certainly not as a DnD game

The biggest problem with Darksun is the main quest chain solves the world issues, which caused them to slowly lose everything everyone liked about it :-p

I think most of the settings from those days are pretty well tied into the aesthetics of the era they were produced in. Forgotten Realms was slow-grown from the days of D&D becoming what it was, which is why it serves as a “generic” setting for the game like Greyhawk.

Wizards has only released two major settings in the last two decades: Eberron and Ravnica. Eberron was a product of its time, the early 2000’s. You can call Ravnica a slight cheat, but I think the fact that the design process crosses between the Magic people and the D&D people makes sense after a certain point.

I think- no, I think I’ve read- that Planescape was influenced by White Wolf and their faction-heavy games of that era. Sigil being a hole? Probably a mix of the grim and trying to explain why the world is the way it is backward from what came before. You can design a setting around Sigil, and it looks quite a bit different (Sig: Manual of the Primes).

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Trying to shoe horn Psionics into current DnD is going to be hard (unless there’s a Psionics in it now). Then again, Psionics was always a hot mess, maybe Dark Sun would be better without it.
Maybe it would behoove me to make a system specifically for Dark Sun.

Totally spot on about DS being tied to that 70s/80s Heavy Metal style of fantasy.

My company does the same thing as Rym’s, where we send out fake phishing emails. We are a tech company dedicated to making medical software. The number of people who still fall for the obviously phishing emails is… Well. Not staggering, because I have no hope left, but still more than should.

Yes, but do you reprimand/fire the people who click on them?

No, because life is pain and we’d have to fire our executive leadership. Can’t have that. /sad

LOL don’t ask about federal employee numbers who fall for phishing scams… oh man.

We get a weekly email from our ISO warning us about emails and what not. Literally any email that is NOT from our agency’s address has in huge caps in the subject [EXTERNAL] and yet people still open and click on links and the can of worms is opened.