GeekNights Monday - Package Managers

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about package managers. We've covered Linux package management specifically in the ancient past. In the news, Rym's gonna do the Tunnel Run once it's safe to travel again, Europe has better vaccination policies than the US, Canon reminds you that the chips in their printer ink cartridges are unnecessary, Zynga was worth $12.7 BB, a nefarious developer set off a logic bomb in two popular NPM packages, and the James Webb Space Telescope is extremely important.

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Better video of the Tunnel Run.

Definitely gonna do this thing.

I also find it funny that there are people standing there doing the “I made a mistake” pose in every single video I see of this run. It’s the same pose that I see any time I’m on a double black diamond anywhere in the Northeast. Many many years ago, that was me.

A big part of skiing is getting to the point where you may not be able to ski a ridiculous slope well, but you can reliably and safely get down any* slope if you really have to.

  • “any” does not include off-piste “big mountain” slopes, as that’s a very different kind of skiing.

I love Ben Eater’s videos, it’s super tempting to follow along and build the computer he builds. It’s just so time consuming!

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If I didn’t have a job (and yet somehow had money) I would definitely be making terrible computers for fun.

Now I’m getting ski lift videos in my YouTube suggestions and I’m not upset.


I like the ACSL:

the ACSL is a good match for software that would have otherwise been permissively licensed under MIT, ISC, or BSD but with restrictions against corporate usage.

The ACSL is right for you if you want your code to empower students, artists, hobbyists, collectives, cooperatives and nonprofits to survive under capitalism while not contributing free labor to corporations.

LOL I literally just watched that one. It was recommended after a bunch of Alps videos I watched…

Scott gave me a chuckle with “put a second JWST in L3.” It might need a better sun shield without a planet to hide behind, just saying.

And for your general fund of knowledge, long range FPV drone setups can reach tens of miles pretty easily, and “fly down this mountain,” “chase a drift car” are both so common in FPV that they’re practically atereotypes, so it wouldn’t be at all unrealistic for a spectator to follow a downhill race from the finish line via a pair of goggles. (Honestly, I’d find that more believable than an autonomous drone pulling it off, but I’m biased.)

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