GeekNights Monday - Microsoft Windows

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about everybody's favorite operating system: Microsoft Windows. In the news, Youtube contracts NFL Sunday Ticket, America is subsidizing a road at $1 Billion per mile, and it's 2023.

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Tossing this thought out: Could ProtonDB help Linux gain users from gaming. My father tends to use his computer for email and web browsing, word processing. He also plays games like Civilization, Hearts of Iron, ect. With the introduction of ProtonDB, my father is debating keeping his 5 year old computer and switching from Windows 10 (when it goes EOL) to Linux.

I have seen Proton DB open up the conversation and has made some people come over. The issue I have with Linux Desktop is that I work on my computer. I can’t really work on my computer when there are things that need to get done. Although it is really close to the point where I could attempt to make the switch but there are a few key applications that I have not found a Linux counterpart with yet.

The only way to find out if it suits your needs is to try it out. Back up your data, which you should be doing anyway (right, RIGHT??), then you can switch back and forth easily even if you just have one computer. If you have two computers, well, then you can try on the second computer without messing with the first.

And now Rym leaves you with…

FINALLY! Now have all other OSes doing this so we don’t have to deal with WinRAR and other such crap.