GeekNights Monday - M.2 and You

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the M.2 form factor and what it means for you. See also: NVMe. In the news, US states are working to protect net neutrality even if the federal government has gutted it, Uber may have sinister long term plans for self-driving car ownership, the Hawaii missile alert was more than just a bad GUI, and Best Buy was still selling CDs.

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The notching on the m.2 ports / cards is supposed to denote if it’s SATA or NVME, all NVME capable slots are supposed to handle Sata as well. It’s similar to keying on other old expansion slots where the higher speed slot can accept either but the high speed card won’t fit in the low speed slot.

If I remember correctly part of the performance benefit is a reduction in the number of instructions required to read / write data which results in less overhead per file, a big deal if you have to move a million tiny files.

To comment on shoe size, I am a 12.5 4E meaning almost all shoes that exist will not fit my foot. I literally have two choices to wear in the most generic style and makes show shopping annoying and easy at the same time.

I think shoe sizes are extra bad for wide feet. When it comes to trying stuff on in a store I wear a 12 in most dress shoes, 14-15 in most running shoes. According to guy at the local shoe store I should be buying a 13 2E I think.

I’m at the upper end of shoe sizes, so it’s tough sometimes for me to get a shoe I like (I’m like a 13-14 depending on the brand).

Shoe sizes are also bad for long narrow feet. Some brands I have to tie the laces extra tight because a shoe of the right length is too wide.

I didn’t know AHCI was legacy, fuck.

It’s only legacy for SSDs which are much much faster if you use NVMe.

Yeah, there aren’t spinning disk m.2s coming. The whole focus of this GN was in the context of SSDs.

I guess AHCI has legacy mode (for IDE compatibility), regular mode (fine for spinning disks), and RAID mode (secret sauce). Using AHCI in any mode for SSDs is itself legacy.

Bold choice to loop the entire OST of NES Robocop twice at the end of the episode.

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Well my MB doesn’t support M.2, so it’s moot for me. Really cool in my media PC, that boots to desktop in 10 sec after POST.

There are PCIe cards that just have m.2 slots on them.

But for real, unless you’re looking for that sweet sweet NVMe performance, there’s no point. Regular old modern SSD with AHCI is still lightyears beyond a spinning disk.

I think I’ll see far more performance per dollar out of just replacing my platter gaming drive with a SSD than an M.2 add-on card.

That is definitely true.

My ancient HTPC with a GTX460 video card had a whole new life when I replaced its single spinning disk with a mid-tier SSD.

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@chrisislost’s computer had a similar rebirth.