GeekNights Monday - Low Power Modes

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about low power modes. In the news, Facebook should be broken up for having destroyed Internet media, San Francisco explores regulating emerging technology, you probably don't care about AMP or OpenJS, and we hope you remember these things.

Things of the Day

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AMP was Google attacking the open web and I hope now it can go away.

I think google penalizing slow sites and doing stuff like and the chrome Lighthouse audit are way better approaches to encouraging faster and more accessible websites

The true dentist toy is the floaty water game. Jam on that button and try to land the rings on the posts.

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@SkeleRym I can fucking see that AMV just listening to the song.

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I can still do the dance from RIT.

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Like if I had to imagine what a combat flashback is like it would be a horrible version of what I felt and saw when the clapping started.

If I’m feeling particularly charitable I’ll make a video of the dance and put it up for the Patreon.

You spin me inside outside…

It’s just the Macarena crooked slightly so.

I had to read parts of the Tale of Genji for Asian Studies class when i was in college. It’s very long my instructor had several bound volumes (at least 10) in her office. My instructor actually explained that the the reason it’s not so well known outside of Japan is due to the archaic Japanese and not just because it’s from Asia.

Ooo. We talking about Brave!

I have a friend who works there. Apparently, they have a bit of a problem with white nationalist tech bros in their leadership. Separate from that is that they are incredibly crunch-driven. Like… Consistent 60-hour weeks.

That tracks with their user demographic.