GeekNights Monday - Live Streaming Video in 2018

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about video live streaming tech. This is something we talked about back in 2013 when the landscape was radically different. In the news, IBM bought Red Hat in a move that has confused many (but not all) computer professionals, Apple is bringing the new iPads, Twitter will get worse before it gets better, Gab was (thankfully) deplatformed, Bitcoin mining is horrible, and we will be live at PAX Unplugged!

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My favorite part of this episode was when, after having explained that everything just works in 2018 for a multitude of reasons, the stream failed.

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Failed? I just went back and watched it and it runs all the way to the end of the show with no glitches.

Well, there is a little audio popping that sounds like Scott tripping the noise gate in a weird way. It’s an old hardware compressor, so I have to tweak it a little I think.

IBM/Redhat is a reverse acquisition. Redhat has the product for the future, and is throwing off money. But IBM has the business and sales side already locked in with the biggest companies.

Don’t know to tell you, but it failed for a bunch of us. We were even talking about it in the chat.

Interesting. Probably a youtube distribution issue. I was watching the stream myself on the other monitor and I was getting data until the end.

I haven’t listened to this yet, but I hope that whoever submitted the talk about master keys acknowledged the things ya’ll said about that event:

I mean even the Grammar Nazi doesn’t seem to be welcome anymore. :-p

I support the genocide of all people who do not use the oxford comma.


So yeah, I spent about 6 years of my career working at EMC (all prior to the Dell merger, but still)…

Our updated pipeline means we are live streaming the show again. Tonight we’ll be talking about chili!