GeekNights Monday - Keyboard Shortcuts

It’s a nice thought but more likely explained by the Government and the Sunshine Act. Long story short Florida is what happens when the government is exceedingly committed to public transparency. When every email every government employee sends is a matter of public record, and any time a police department receives an email asking for who was arrested last night and why and is obligated to turn over the internal case file (regardless of whether or not the arrest was a good one, most spots you an only report people are guilty after conviction). You get Florida man.

Likely, if they weren’t as committed to transparency as they are, ‘Florida Man’ wouldn’t be a thing.

Fuck cold.

Being frozen sucks. Being hot and deathly sucks too but not as bad and day to day is easier to cope with.

NYC in winter with coats and snow and slush and bullshit makes everything a logistical puzzle to solve.

Suddenly you’re in a store and now it’s really fuckin hot so take everything off and now you’re carrying coats and potential merch, and this store is tighter quarters than the engine room of a Virginia Class Attack Submarine, with worse ventilation and wetter, saltier floors.

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So my personal evaluation of cold vs hot which is worse is done by taking both to extremes.

Would you prefer to die naked in the arctic of exposure or literally be burned alive or baked in an oven or some other horrific heat related death.

The analysis:
In heat your nerves all fire like crazy and you die in the most incredible agony imaginable.
In cold it’s unpleasant for a while and then you go numb followed by some bits where you’re not yourself, all in all relatively painless.

If you scale that down you get Cold > Hot

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Yeah but when were dealing with regular weather you can’t compare realistic dying of exposure in Antactrica with being cooked alive in an oven.

Fairer would be getting dropped into a cryotank of liquid nitrogen vs being dropped into a furnace. Either case you die very quickly albeit painfully.

Dying of exposure sounds bad either way. -20 F sounds pretty much equally fuckin miserable as dying of an extreme heat wave say 120F. In that both cases involve systems shutting down and your brain not understanding the signals it’s getting from the body. In fact I feel having a heat stroke and passing out is probably is less mentally taxing a way to go, as being hypothermic but still aware of how cold and sucky things are.

Obviously neither is ideal, go either way even a little bit outside the normal range and it goes bad fast. But warm weather is closer to where our bodies want to be and so I’d rather be in a place that overall on average is closer to the ideal temp.

Survival in a hot hot environment mostly requires shade, water, and maybe some way to develop some air circulation. Energy requirements are minimal just enough food to keep your body running.

In a cold environment you need more energy of some kind to keep your body temps up. More resources are needed.

So if stranded in the desert of Antarctica or the desert of Africa, I’d take my chances in Africa.

Seems the animal kingdom has evolved along similar logic.

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Interesting way of looking at it. I don’t know if I like it because it includes stuff not really part of my analysis but it is an interesting direction to take it.

I wanna control every variable except temperature. So including things like sun or precipitation isn’t really ideal but I do like keeping it realistic. Still if we’re gonna go the ‘ok only allow what earth has to offer’ then it becomes:

Death by exposure at the pole or death by exposure at the equator. Survival is off the table. I still go cold. Numbness is a nice alternative to painful sunburn.

When deciding which of the temperature extremes that I get to complain about, the deciding factor was that while they are both uncomfortable, the winter includes snow and ice. Slipping on it, shoveling it, driving in it. You have to adjust your entire day’s plan to account for these things.

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You can’t go to the beach in the winter.


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This is why I ski. It gives me an outdoor sport that is exclusive to the season. Summer is running/biking/beaching. Winter is skiing.

This guy has never made a snowman on the beach.

Can’t play outdoor hockey in summer


Just stay inside where it’s warm. The winter Olympics could be all eSports and hockey.

Going to the beach is the only time I want it to be warm. Also e-sports should definitely be in the winter Olympics.

Am I wrong for thinking esports don’t belong in the Olympics? Yes, it’s a competitive test of skill. It’s not primarily an athletic endeavor, which is what I want in my Olympicses.

I’d prefer the non human-powered events (equestrian, air rifle) get the boot, but that’s just me.

How not? Realtime games are all about reaction times, dexterity, etc…

Sure, but there’s a spectrum. I want my Olympic events to at least be tiring ~_^

I work up a sweat playing competitive Overwatch. Literally.

The best thing about my MacBook Pro keyboard is the touch bar. Instead of having to remember keyboard shortcuts, loads of apps show the shortcuts right there. It’s super cool. I have a “screen capture selection” button on there all the time, as I can never remember the exact keyboard shortcut to do that.

I know you will shit all over my personal experience with an Apple product, and say if I was a real pro or real computer expert I wouldn’t like the touch bar, but fuck you too. It’s a great quality of life upgrade over function keys.

The problem with the touch bar is you have to look at it. The point of a keyboard shortcut is to build muscle memory to accomplish tasks super quickly. With they keyboard you might start out slow, but you’ll build up over time. With the touch bar there is a cieling on how high you can build.

I would use the touch bar in Audition and Premiere if I had it.

As it stands, I have my ShuttlePRO v2 instead.

I like the idea of a touchbar, but I use a desktop and I’m not going to get an Apple when I do get a laptop so, meh.

The idea of a shuttle sounds pretty good for the intended purpose. I have seen guides online to convert Xbox controllers and production shuttles into CNC controllers which is something I’ve wanted to have for a while now. But since I do dabble with Premiere I can see the use.

AutoCAD is a great program but it not only requires knowing shortcuts and such, it also has a command line, so most users learn all the names of commands that they use, to the point where the GUI is just for those super obscure commands that you can’t remember the name for if you tried. Modern CAD has gone away from that, which is sad.

Don’t bother. The ShuttlePRO v2 is cheap and very well constructed. It’s basically perfect. :wink: