GeekNights Monday - GPT-3 and Autoregressive Language Models

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the technology and ramifications of Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) and autoregressive language models in general. We further explore other similar machine learning tools and their short and long-term ramifications for humans. In the news, Discord Stages have low bitrate limits, the US Department of Energy concludes with low confidence that COVID-19 emerged from a lab leak in China, the UK wasn't content with ruining its economy with Brexit and is also considering ruining its technology with the Online Safety Bill, and a terrifying toxic new Dust Bowl is descending on Utah.

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Devin Nash has a video on this subject that was recently released.

The moment when you mentioned that the low level internet content is going to be automated and these twitch experiments are hovering around 100,000 viewers has me realize that I no longer care about streaming content.

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Maître TOTd’ made me lol:

LANSBURY: The millennial restaurant-goer, in general, is very annoying.

I remembered reading an article years ago about a super fancy restaurant maître d - apparently I was wrong and it was a server:

How Abe Froman deals with maître d’s:

GPT-4 is coming already.


15 robot podcasts

…and GPT-5.