GeekNights Monday - Computer Maintenance in 2020

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about our computer maintenance schedules and procedures. We talked about this once back in 2006, but a lot has changed in 14 years.

In the news, Black Lives Matter. That should go without saying, but we're saying it again. Help any way you can. If nothing else consider a donation to the cause or call your local, state, and federal representatives. The protests are working, bit by bit, but we all have to keep the pressure up.

In other news, Google Currents (not the original Currents) replaces Google Plus for G Suite users, and SMITE developer Hi-Rez Studios did a full review of their chatlogs and banned over 5,000 racists. This is easy to do, and more companies should enact this kind of retroactive banning rather than relying on their communities to have to flag and report. The Internet Archive is also in danger due to lawsuits by book publishers.

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Mostly common sense, but good to have the reminders. And I really need to make some sort of computer maintenance schedule for the two dozen machines I’m responsible for at work. Ugh.

Thing that I would add to this list: Double check what shit is starting up with your OS and trim that down. I stay on top of this day to day, but still worth a thorough check during periodic maintenance.