GeekNights Monday - Cheating with Technology

Tonight on GeekNights, since we already talked about Overclocking a decade ago, we talk about cheating in school with technology. It's giving rich kids an advantage, but not just for the obvious reasons. In the news, support the Internet Archive, Apple wielded its power over Google and Facebook, a bunch of coins were lost due to the grim reaper, bitcoins (usually) cost more to mine than they're worth, and you should check out past episodes of the GeekNights Book Club!

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To answer @SkeleRym question about why the TI calculator still costs too much.

I definitely used my shitty old watch to cheat in freshman high school english. We still had spelling tests, but the words were intense. I had a rubber watchband and discovered that you could write on it with pencil lead, but it would wipe off the moment you touched it.

The only other major cheating I ever did in school was working in the engineering building until ungodly hours of the night, and finding computers that seniors abandoned without logging off. I raided every one of their network drives and had copies of notes and lab reports for all future classes.

I almost got my ass beat once for selling “Secrets to getting 100% on all upcoming tests”, burned to CDs. They assumed it was cheats, like answer keys, test questions, etc. It was actually just a single text file, containing a single line that said “Study real hard.”

Charged them five or ten per CD, made a decent whack of cash before the teachers (rather reluctantly, they thought it was funny) stopped me.