GeekNights Monday - Bookmarks

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the humble Bookmark. They were more important back when there were more web sites, when we used to talk about things like In the news, PC Part Picker launches a Bike Part Picker, Cyber insurance doesn't cover acts of war, Notre Dame has burned, Pepsi probably isn't going to advertise in space, but if they do we'll shoot them down, and Brooklyn is under a (completely justified) mandatory vaccination order.

Our Rare Game Mechanics panel from MAGFest is on youtube!

Things of the Day

Episode Links

I have been building an application that is something like delicious crossed with a search engine. It lets you search the content of stuff you bookmark, not just the bookmarks themselves.

It saves a copy of what you’re looking at, so it protects against link rot. It works for offline stuff too, i.e. things on your local machine. Also it’s self-hosted, so no tracking or data shenanigans.

I’m really proud of it so far! I want to grow it, so send me a message if you want to try it out.



I had literally just edited and uploaded the PAX East panel, so my brain crossed the wires. :wink:

I’ll post that one probably today or tomorrow.