GeekNights Monday - Apple, CSAM, and Privacy

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider Apple, CSAM, and Privacy. Apple is under fire for its solution here, some have warned of its dangers, and other companies already do similar things. (It's worth noting that Apple is already doing this on iCloud Mail).

In the news, OnlyFans sells out its core user base, though the situation is more complex than it appears and other similar entities have complied with the rules that they ran afoul of. Meanwhile, Twitch is doing essentially nothing to curtail a massive wave of targeted attacks on minority and marginalized streamers, leaving them to use inadequate tools to solve a problem that Twitch is 100% responsible for. Join the boycott of Twitch on September 1st!

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I guess I will not be subscribing to the Scott onlyfans.

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The more I looking into streaming the more I hated twitch, it’s their sole goal to collect as much money as possible from their viewers with as little of features as possible. I am glad more people are realizing how shit they really are.

Twitch definitely only makes sense if you are in the Top 5% of streamers for the revenue share and amount of money you get for ad views. The exclusivity of a partnership deal locks you out of a lot of potential revenue for multi/cross streaming that you could be doing over Facebook and Youtube simultaneously.

It also makes sense if you’re not doing it for the money.

A short twitter thread on my thoughts on Twitch right now:

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AprecheFans status: back on for now :white_check_mark:

“Suspended” though…

Follow up:

Oh man was hoping he’d post about this soon! I love his output on youtube now that he’s taken a break from twitch (was worried he’d only be doing stuff on his discord as a result).