GeekNights Live at Zenkaikon 2017

GeekNights is going to be live at Zenkaikon 2017!

Saturday (29th)

Grinding Mechanics in Game Design
Live 1 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 3)

Foreign Anime Openers
Live 2 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 4)


Flip the Table: Rage Quitting in Games
Live 1 (Floor 2, Commonwealth 3)

I have a chunk of my collection at home now, any game request you want me to bring?

We’ll be at the con with Rym on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be packing (mostly) small stuff: Games to bring to Zenkaikon 2017

I’ll be staffing this year, Scojo is working me like a dog. I should be free Friday night, Saturday mid day and Sunday mid day.

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