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As you can tell from my avatar (if you can see it it’s kinda dark) I beat The Witcher 3 and Hearts of Stone DLC. Plowing through Iron and Wine now. Don’t really know what to say about it besides that I love it. Same with Sleeping Dogs, which I finished a few days ago.


I’ve always had a soft spot for the Tales Of series, and Tales Of Vesperia is at least FUN, but it has the “13 hour tutorial” problem, and at least two fights that are basically bullshit because your only character just gets stunlocked and sliced to bits.

If you’re looking for a decent JRPG, I’d say go for it (it even has that thing Scott likes where you can dodge the random encounters by avoiding them on the overworld).


Resident Evil 2 remake is very good.


I have heard nothing but praise for it, can’t wait to have the $60 to pick it up.


Does it still have tank controls?


I’ve been told the answer is no, and that’s why I’m gonna play it.



I bought a Playstation VR shortly after New Years. A couple of my friends had gotten it and I tried theirs out, and then at MAGFest, I played Space Pirate Trainer, which completely blew me away.

Surprisingly, a lot of the VR games are relatively cheap, so I bought a few of them. The VR package that I bought came with Astrobot Rescue Mission which is absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away by it, the same way I was when I played Mario 64 for the first time. The package also came with Moss, which I’ve only played a little bit so far. It’s gorgeous, but I can’t really say more than that.

Even before I got the Playstation VR, I bought the Wipeout HD collection for $5.99. I didn’t realize that game had a VR mode, and it’s amazing playing Wipeout in VR. It feels like you’re in the cockpit as you race around the track.

Additionally, during one of Sony’s New Years sales, I bought Space Pirate Trainer, Super Hot VR, and Star Trek Bridge Crew, all for $40. Space Pirate Trainer is just as much fun as it was at MAGFest, Super Hot VR is absolutely amazing! It’s like playing a puzzle-game version of the Matrix.

I’ve only played the tutorial and intro mission for Star Trek, but it’s been a blast so far. In the intro mission, as captain of your ship, they have you run through all the various things you can do… impulse travel, warp travel, etc. The mission ends with you getting a distress call from a ship on the other side of the Klingon Neutral Zone. I warped in, approached the Neutral Zone and scanned the ship, discovering that it was the Kobiashi Maru. I literally thought to myself: “This is not going to end well.” Suffice it to say that in trying to rescue the crew members of the Kobiashi Maru, I ended up getting both that ship and my own destroyed by the Klingons. I’m looking forward to playing the game again, and even more looking forward to playing with other people, instead of ordering the AI crew members or jumping into their stations to control things myself.

Overall, the Playstation VR has been a blast!


It does not. It’s got more typical third-person shooter controls.


Despite sitting on a backlog from the winter Steam sale I’ve once again defaulted back to Grim Dawn as my time waster. Still gotta finish the last level of Thumper and the godly challenges in Hollow Knight. Also tried out Gems of War since it’s just Puzzle Quest the MMO, and holy wow. I mean, it’s just as fun as the original PQ but they must have lost their entire art department because this game has unbelievably bad art assests, UI, and general art direction. Even if you don’t intend to play I highly recommend you watch a gameplay video to see what I mean. “Realistic” gritty fantasy creatures are juxtaposed with unreasonably slick match 3 jewels and programmer quality UI.

grabbed a screenshot just to demonstrate this madness


Jesus fucking Christ tank Mario.


Get Beat Saber man. There’s really something special about that game.


I’d like to get it eventually, but it’s full price and I’ve never been that into rhythm games.

The next game I’m probably going to get, hopefully when it goes on sale, is Tetris Effect. All the reviews I’ve read said it’s amazing in VR.


Yeah Beat Saber is far and away my favorite VR game.


I like Beat Saber OK, but it’s just an average rhythm game.

My top list for VR experiences is roughly

  • Superhot VR
  • Rick and Morty (yes, seriously)
  • Moss
  • VR Chat
  • Space Pirate Trainer

There are many more that are good experiences, but these have stood out in various ways.


I didn’t know there was a Rick and Morty VR game. I’ll have to check that out.

I’m intrigued by Borderlands 2 and Skyrim VR, as well as Farpoint, but for Farpoint, I’d probably want to get the gun accessory, and I’m not sure how many other games use it, or if it’s worth investing in. I don’t want another Super Scope scenario…


Zelda Breath of the Wild is so good Im less than 1/3 through and I already ordered Phantom Hourglass for my next game.


Oh no, that one is not so good.


Phantom Hourglass is (or was) pretty good. Spirit Tracks on the other hand is not.


It’s really good. It’s deeply immersive room-scale. The puzzles are clever. It’s very “open world” within the garage where it takes place. It’s basically a VERY VERY GOOD version of what Job Simulator wanted to be. The cartoon graphics really work!

I fell over trying to lean on a desk in-game because I got too immersed. Emily did the same trying to lean on the washing machine when she was reaching in to grab something. I also kept trying to close drawers with my knees…

It’s also as long as it needs to be. And, it’s actually pretty funny.

Whatever anyone may think of Rick & Morty overall, the fact is this game is extremely well designed.


XCOM 2 was not better than XCOM… er, 1?

2 added a “stealth” mechanic I was not a fan of. It basically gets you one free attack on the mission. If you try to sneak around, when you finally break stealth (you need to at some point), now you just have to fight all the aliens at once. So you might as well just line up on the first alien group you see, and blow away the whole group in one turn. Now you are back to where you started, taking on single groups of aliens at a time. Remind me why we had stealth again?

I also was very not a fan of the countdown timer missions. It really goes against my strategy of cover-protected, overlapping fire support, methodical advance. I guess the point of the mechanic is to force you out of cover, but it felt really out of place. We fly in our airplane-base across the globe on a time-sensitive mission, and the bus drops my team with power armor and pocket nukes off on the wrong side of the city? So now we have to sprint across the whole thing, I guess.
Did I mention time pressure really ruins even having stealth in the first place?

2 was also mad buggy for me. The game would hang all the time. Between turns, after a soldier takes an action, after an alien takes an action.

One time a single alien appeared behind my squad(?!) - it was when I activated a group of them, the game just seemed to be confused as to where its friends were. One full crash I can remember, one time it got stuck in the loading screen. Loading screens were long too.

It was still fun, just not great. I would say stick with XCOM 1 if you want to play some modern XCOMs.