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In PUBG they used a real life rangefinding methods in the scopes that make it easy to at least ballpark the range. The horizontal lines of the crosshairs on 3x through 8x scopes are the width of an enemy’s shoulders at appropriate range. So if you put the horizontal line across their shoulders you’re basically lined up for a head/upper torso shot. There’s variables to that of course and it doesn’t account for leading a moving target but generally speaking it gets you relatively dialed in pretty fast.


Okay, got it.

I normally only play top games. As in, the best games of all time or genre defining/redefining games. In terms of big games, the only ones I’ve only completed are the best ever. Mario 64 and Galaxy, Ocarina of Time, the original Tomb Raider, Goldeneye, Half Life and Half Life 2, various Counter Strikes, Portal, etc. I consider PUBG to be of the same calibre as those. I typically only play games which are super highly recommended. And when I do, I can get into them hard, like I did with FTL and mobile games like Alto’s Adventure/Odyssey.

So when I play a game like Ring of Elysium, I’m not playing one of the literal best games ever. That sounds reductive, but that’s where I am with gaming. It’s like only ever watching movies from the Criterion Collection for 20 years, and then watching a direct to video release.


Fun facts - one of the other reasons is because the early M16s also had a habit of blowing out the gas tube after a magazine or two on full auto, because the lowest-bidder making the guns used tubing with insufficient wall thickness, which meant they’d blow out under gas pressure when they got hot.


I’ve come back to Battletech for a bit. The career mode and the new flashpoints are nice additions, though I can’t see them as adding an “expansions” worth of content.


Stellaris 2.2 and “Megacorp” has dropped.

It revamped planetary management and resource accumulation significantly. Minerals have to be processed into Alloys to build ships and Starbases. You need consumer goods to expand to new colonies. Your population needs housing in addition to food. Planets have differing specializations beyond Agri-world, Mining world, Generator world.

The base game is currently on sale.



This one, though:


You played Earthbound just in time to get that joke.


Fuuuuuucking hell.


So I got the game and thought, hey lets do the campaign mode to unlock everything, I can do the story and kick it off without a problem.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck this. I am almost done it and can safely say if you want to RPG in a fighting game its for you. I have my OP combo and riding it with Bowser to the end.


My current strategy is DK + two Punching power spirits + Polar bear that makes you basically an immovable, unflinching object. I can usually combo dash attack into forward smash and win in 10 seconds.


Those feels tbh.


10 hours 3 minutes, 100% adventure mode. It knew how to end a long campaign, it wants me to start new game plus now. NOPE


That’s fast. I’m about 19 hours in and maybe at half-way point.


I picked up House of the Dying Sun for PC during the Steam sale. It’s basically X-Wing + Homeworld + Battlestar Galactica. It was only about $5-6 and I’m very happy with it so far.


I got the new AssCreed for free thanks to Google. I’m really enjoying it thus far! Although I keep flirting with everyone it gives me the option to because Kassandra is so hilariously bad at it.


Finished Subnautica. I played with Juliane. Me using the actual controls and Juliane keeping notes and telling me what to do. In other words she played it like a point and click adventure game. It took about 36 hours. Good fun.


That could be a cool co-op mechanic to bake into an actual game. Everyone has a separate screen, can’t do everything themselves. It’s the Captain Sonar model.


That’s kinda how we were playing.

“You’re running out of oxygen!”

“Oh shit!”

“Remember to pick up some charged power cells!”


“Have we been here before?”

“Yup, but go north east and we’ll find something new.”


I bought Breath of the Wild, but I know it’s going to entirely subsume me once I start playing it.

So instead I’ve been playing through Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, which I got as a freebie/stretch goal for the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night kickstarter.

Normal mode on Veteran (hard) difficulty is basically an improved Castlevania III. Beating that unlocked Nightmare and so on for Ultimate mode, and playing those on Casual difficulty (infinite lives, no knockback) is a nonfrustrating way to speed through them. At some point this unlocked the last mode, Boss Rush, which might take me a while.

Level design is good, the music is good, the enemies are super reminiscent of Castlevania I and III, and the bosses are inventive.

If Ritual of the Night is anywhere close to this, it’s going to be great.