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If you want your head to explode check out either Pajama% or Pokey%


Those DS Castlevania games are so good but god DAMN Ecclesia is balls hard.


I’m finally a proud owner of Switch and Breath of the Wild. I don’t think I can say anything about the game that hasn’t been said before, but I’m just amazed how easy it is to get lost wandering in the world, go for a shrine in the distance, see another one while on the way, pick flowers, find Korok seeds, just wander and do stuff. Also surprisingly challenging game, at least early on with no good armor or weapons or health. Of course the punishment for game over is insignificant, which is fine for me, my style of overcoming challenges in games is to mash my face against them until I succeed or give up.


Aside from the copious amounts of Mario Kart I’m playing, I just had a remarkable experience in Civ VI where two civilizations were eliminated by losing loyalty in all of their cities. Reminds me of the Lincoln quote “we will live forever or die by suicide” (paraphrasing here).


That’s the kind of fun nonsense that’s starting to drag me into Civ VI.

Like, I definitely won’t be winning, but something weird will happen along the way and I just start tugging on that thread.


I’ve given Hunt: Showdown a go. It’s fun and quite polished for early access but it definitely needs work. PVP is good but the population is low so often you get put together with only one or two people and if they leave or get killed a lot of the danger is gone. Also the boss zombie AI needs a big tweak cos right now you can just open a door in their lair building and bait them to the door, shoot them from outside where they can’t hurt you, rinse and repeat til they’re dead. I think this might not be as big a problem if there’s other players trying to hunt the same monster because you’ll be dealing with being shot at while also trying to kill the boss.


I don’t normally take advantage of Black Friday deals because I dislike the whole idea, but I made an exception this year and got a Playstation VR bundle which arrived yesterday. I have little hands-on experience with VR, basically just one time where I used an Oculus DK2 to diffuse some bombs, so this is mostly new to me.

First game I’ve tried out is Moss and I like it so far. It’s really cute and structured to take advantage of the VR environment, knowing that it’s not meant to be room-scale and doesn’t require a lot of movement workarounds to prevent nausea. I only played for about an hour because my head got tired of the unit itself rather than any motion sickness, so I guess that’s something I’ll need to build up over time.


I’ve heard AstroBot is very good.


Same. That’s why I got the bundle with Astro Bot and Moss in it. I will probably tackle that one after Moss is done.


I got the bundle with the move controllers but I figured if I decide against keeping them I can sell them. Also I have a camera so I can sell that and maybe that Creed game to buy astrobot and moss. But I thought it’d be fun to play some stuff like beat saber and superhot vr. Those move controllers don’t seem to ever go on sale and they’re still like $60 used for a pair so getting them in a bundle where they’re effectively $50 new seemed like the safest option.


I played Ring of Elysium this morning because it is out and it is free. It runs way more smoothly that PUBG, but is way less polished and and not nearly as much fun.

I won my first game on the first game I played. Now I’m not sure if that was because it was a training match or something, but it just wasn’t that hard. I tried some duo matches but couldn’t find a good partner worth playing with. In my second squad match I got three kills and a win. Sniping is too easy compared to PUBG.

So here’s the thing. Either the game is too easy, or I’m better than the average player due to playing PUBG for a year. But that doesn’t matter. I want the game to be hard. It took me 128 attempts to get my first PUBG win, and one attempt to get my first solo win in Rings of Elysium. And two to get my first squad win. It doesn’t feel satisfying at all.

There is a lot more to this feeling, but I don’t have the words for it yet.


I thought that PUBG had very bad bullet controls making the entire game way more difficult than it needs to be. This game might have good control taking your skill into the OP territory.


What do you mean by bullet control?


I assume bullet fall, scope use, range estimation, etc…

The shooting in PUBG is scarily realistic. In the real world, your scope doesn’t automatically account for bullet fall at various distances like it does in CS (which doesn’t even HAVE bullet fall).


I can’t find the video but an analysis of the game mentioned that you need to pick your shoots when you shoot and treat every different aim as a unique thing to itself. If you were actually shooting a gun this recoil would not be nearly as bad as the game implies.

Here is one I could find that tries to explain it better than I can.


Any decent scope should have markings for distance that takes into account for bullet fall. That usually what the vertical markings on any given scope are for. The center crosshairs on a gun are calibrated for a specific range and each mark beneath the crosshairs is another range increment.


It’s not bad per se but realistic, and the recoil in the game isn’t really exaggerated. The muzzle of a gun rises every time you fire and you must compensate in some way, either by adjusting aim every shot and/or having the strength/training/equipment to minimize that rise. It’s why full auto was removed from the early M16, the rifle is very light and difficult to control on full auto along with panic magazine dumping under stress, both of which waste ammunition.


Good luck having someone who hasn’t fired scoped weapons before training themselves adequately to use those marking effectively. Rangefinding is something you have to get an innate feel for, and a lot of people aren’t willing to invest in it enough to be effective.


One thing that sucks for me with hitscan is that I’ve played so much in games with projectile physics that clicking on heads feels like a mistake to me. Oldschool lag as well. Hitting those air to airs in tribes was a different weird animal in ancient times. I still wish Planetside 2 had been differently monetized.


Overwatch trains you well for both. Some weapons are hitscan, others have projectile falloff, and many projectiles are different speeds.

I just have a natural shift depending on who I’m playing, even within a single match!