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Destiny 2 on PS4 because it’s free, which is exactly what the price point should be based on what’s in it. Destiny 2 is the thin vernier of a polished lootershooter over a way to make people pay money for things that don’t actually exist. Gameplay and controls are tight, but the plot is laughable and the currencies and microtransactions and DLC are far more egregious than the original.


Last PAX South I saw “The Messenger” at a booth, and immediately knew I would buy it. It’s basically a Ninja Gaiden remake/parody, only modernized. I started playing it yesterday, and it is terrific.

The controls are great. The music is bumping. I’m sure it’s going to eventually be very difficult, but it curves up smoothly. So far it has committed absolutely zero game design crimes. Very polished. The stories that the shopkeeper tells are really great as well.

If you like an NES platforming game, get this ASAP. Full price, who cares.


I haven’t wanted to give Devolver money ever since they published Mother Russia Bleeds.


What’s the story there?


Transphobia and general grossness in that game.


Thanks, that is good info I was not aware of.


I started playing Darkest Dungeon way late to the party but I’m really enjoying it. I’m playing on easy which is still really tough, I doubt I’ll play on the normal or hard difficulties. It reminds me a lot of XCOMwhich I also enjoyed (on easy) and I’m sure I’m not the first to make that comparison. Playing games with rogue-like gameplay on easy seems to be my speed for that kind of game.


I broke my streak of never buying into an early access game to jump on Slay the Spire. Having a good time with it so far. Played two times with each character and I currently like the Silent the best, feels like I can just do more with her each turn than the others. I’ve been able to get to the second act each time so far, but have yet to beat the second boss. Based on initial impressions, this is the most fun I’ve had with a rogue-like in a long while.


I want it on the Switch.


I want it on the iPad.


Making my way through Dragon Quest XI, is more Dragon Quest and that is an excellent thing if you have infinite time to kill.


Apparently Star Control: Origins came out and after playing a few hours today, it’s remarkably like Star Control 2 in game play and writing so far. The alien races are fun and it looks like super melee is pretty much as it was but with control support so we can play on a couch as well.


Launch Fighters!


I cannot in good conscience support Star Control Origins as it’s made by Stardock while they are suing the original creators of the franchise.


Not only that, but the founder, Brad Wardell is a shitty gamergater


Ok, this is good info. I knew the original creators were making a real game and the company that was suing them was making a different one. Now I know which is which.


Has anyone made a reference page that you put in a game and it says what the deal is with the developers/publishers?


The first half alone of The Messenger is a really, really good game.

Daddy two halves.


Oh no. I’ll have to keep playing.


This game is going to be great Done Quick some day.