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And Disgaea seems like a series that could always use more QoL improvements.


I did a non-consecutive speed run of Alto’s Odyssey, with an in-game time of 11 hours 29 minutes. In real time that was Sunday to Wednesday, so about 3.5 days.

With some better luck and not making stupid strategy mistakes I bet I could get that down to about 8 hours.


If only it was good, Dauntless is death by small cuts. So many small things bog it down to the point of me completely being uninterested, and this is from someone that absolutely loves the monster hunting formula. I’ll wait until it’s fully release to try it again.


I wouldn’t say if only it was good, but I would say if only it was better. They’ve got a solid core, but they really need to build. But you are right, it’s definitely not there yet, and they’ve got some work to do.


Has anyone tried Island of Nyne? Is the game broken af or is it just me? I can’t even shoot sometimes when I face a player.

Also, the recent update is not completing on steam. It says “broken manifest” :confused:

Any clue someone?


Honestly, never even heard of it. It’s got an interesting style, but not enough so that I’d actually buy it.


Tried out Hearthstone for the first time recently. Scratches that CCG itch without all of the associated bullshit that is getting into Magic. Honestly, it just makes me wish I could play Codex more.


What’s going on with MTG now? I was kinda slightly interested because “oh hey new base game” or whatever.

Also, I’m not a fan of tournament splits in general, but if they’re going to happen somehow they need to be managed…


The most recent set release is Magic Core Set 2019, which features mostly pretty basic cards but also a number of cards supporting other themes and mechanics from other sets, rather than being built around its own coherent theme. Core sets used to exist before but WotC put them on hold when they decided to rework their release schedule and have two blocks of two sets with a continuous narrative per year. However they have since reworked this again due to other concerns. The return of the Core set also gives WotC a good tool to seed their tournament scene with some additional cards for certain themes as well as some “safety valve” cards should a theme or mechanic become too strong, without those cards having to strictly conform with the themes of other sets.

This weekend is Pro Tour 25th Anniversary, which is the highest level of tournament play and requires players to qualify. This PT is noticeable because rather than individual competition it features “team trios” where three players compete as a team. One of those team members is playing a Standard constructed deck for the entire tournament (cards from the last 2 years), another Modern (cards released since 2003) and the third Legacy (cards since the beginning of the game). The entire three-day affair will be streamed on twitch, of course.

There are also new Commander preconstructed decks about to come out. Commander is the most popular non-tournament format and revolves around specific legendary creature or planeswalker cards that you always have access to and there are certain deckbuilding restrictions, most notably that the deck is 100 cards and except for basic lands you can’t have multiple copies of any one card. The Commander precon decks are a great entry point to that, they feature new cards (aren’t legal in Standard or Modern, but are legal in Legacy), and usually the value of the cards in those decks exceed what you pay for the precon.

As for that douchebag not paying the price split, this is the first time I’ve heard of this kind of behavior and he is being roundly condemned by the entirety of the community. Apparently the guy in question is quite notorious for being a douchebag in his local scene. I don’t have an issue with price splits, but yeah, it would be better if this was directly handled with the tournament organizers.


La Mulana 2 is amazing. Even if you were turned off by the first one, this one improves it in so many ways. Less cryptic bullshit, more common sense puzzles and every trap is telegraphed. I recommend this is you enjoy puzzle platforms.


That’s good to know, I acquired La Mulana 1 in a bundle at some point and tried to play it today and was like “WTF is this cryptic BS” ;-p


Yeah it doesn’t hold your hand at all but all the answers are available in game, or so they tell me.


La-Mulana 2 had handful of bullshit insta-kill traps, some even annoyingly after minibosses. I was able to shrug them away and just go “oh, La-Mulana, you trickster,” but I can feel they’d be frustrating to some.

Also while overall I think the puzzles never were as bad as the worst in first, some puzzles were bit much. I’m also ignoring an actual translation error here that made easy puzzle into exploration in frustration.


I hit my target in my first attempt at setting a speedruunning record. The goal: complete/get to level 61 of Alto’s Odyssey in under 10 hours. And I cracked it! I got it in 9 hours, 52 minutes and 22 seconds.

Frustratingly, another two times seemed on track for a record, only for me to fail continuously at the challenges in level 59. 13 hours 19 minutes? Took about 5 hours to get from level 59 to 61. 12 hours 34 minutes? Over three hours just on level 59. So frustrating.

But with real practice at catching three care packages out of the air in one wingsuit flight, I got past level 59 super quickly this time. Only took about 20 minutes, and is now mostly down to randomness, not lack of technique or skill.

My other strategy worked too: don’t play when super tired. It’s a great game to play when listening to audiobooks in bed, but that means not paying much attention, and making silly mistakes that can lead to wasting 30 minute level attempts. Cutting out tired play cut out many silly mistakes.

Now I’m not sure if I want to break my sub 10 hour record. Maybe only if I find a website to enter the record and then see if anyone can/wants to beat it.


Though if you’re a hair under 10 hours it looks like you’re not playing the same game.


Those are records to reach a certain distance or a certain number of points. Not really what I’m looking for. I guess I could sign up and submit a new record category.




So about 5-6 years too late, I finally stepped into Diablo 3.

Oh no.


You didn’t wait to pick it up on the Switch?


I already owned it on PS4 from a sale years ago. One of those “forgot I had that” things.