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And Disgaea seems like a series that could always use more QoL improvements.


I did a non-consecutive speed run of Alto’s Odyssey, with an in-game time of 11 hours 29 minutes. In real time that was Sunday to Wednesday, so about 3.5 days.

With some better luck and not making stupid strategy mistakes I bet I could get that down to about 8 hours.


If only it was good, Dauntless is death by small cuts. So many small things bog it down to the point of me completely being uninterested, and this is from someone that absolutely loves the monster hunting formula. I’ll wait until it’s fully release to try it again.


I wouldn’t say if only it was good, but I would say if only it was better. They’ve got a solid core, but they really need to build. But you are right, it’s definitely not there yet, and they’ve got some work to do.