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Sea Of Thieves
ALttP Randomizer
Worms: Reloaded
Balder’s Gate II

Possible pick up’s for summer sale:
Tabletop Simulator
Divinity: Original Sin II


Borderlands has that whole “everything is numbers” problem like diablo 3. You can play the game with the most overpowered numerically superior version of your gear and and then it’s trivial, or you can go at it with under-leveled equipment and its’ actually difficult… but not difficult in like a strategic way, more of a “you get one-shot and you have to shoot the thing for an hour” way.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both games, but there are times it feels a little bit transparent.


Honestly I’m finding the DLC. which I’m underleveled for, easier than that boss I was overleveled for and still couldn’t beat.


Borderlands is honestly designed for bullshit that is loosely veiled as challenging for a group of people. Playing alone just really puts the bullshit in perspective.

Oh yeah I missed your comment. My sentiments as well.


Beat Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Thoroughly enjoyed it except that one boss that took three days and playing through the Claptrap DLC to beat. Once I had a glitch gun from that DLC the main game became a joke.


I’ve been getting back into The Division on PS4. It scratches a looter/shooter itch and the DLC and updated to the game have been top notch. If anyone is looking to group up and do stuff, lemme know.


I beat an ALTTP Randomizer seed in under three hours, so that felt pretty great.


Batman Arkham Knight: A tank can strafe?


Anything can strafe if you believe


So Nioh.

Extremely difficult but not in a completely unfair way. The third major boss, Hino-enma is really difficult. Part of what had me interested in the game was it reminded me of various swordsmanship lessons I’ve had. Also having the story be based on the history that novel Shogun was based on also helped.


Started playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 over my summer vacation.
It is a pretty cool game, characters are endearing, and its concept is pretty interesting.
Will try to finish before Dragon Quest XI arrives.


Anyone playing (The Battle of) Polytopia? It’s like a light mobile version of Civ. I haven’t played enough to know much about it but it has multi which seems like it might be neat for a mobile game.


So I got the Steam Link over the summer sale, so I’m trying out a bunch of “controller” games. It’s actually quite nice and relaxing, as I’ve largely been PC mouse and keyboard (and a joystick for all of 3 games in ten years probably). I got the urge to start playing Recettear and man… I’d love to see an updated version of that. It also reminds me of little things like the town customization in breath of fire 2 or the kingdom building in table top Pathfinder: Kingmaker. There’s definitely still some room to milk that gameplay loop. Maybe add some limited animal-crossing style multiplayer, like you can visit your friends shops/towns/whatever and hire their adventurers.


There’s a newer game called Moonlighter that looks like it might be a good successor to Recettear. But the gameplay I saw of it made it seem a bit lackluster comparatively. Which is unfortunate.


After playing Twilight Imperium a week or so ago, I had the itch to play a 4X space game, so I broke out Endless Space 2 again.

Usually when I play these types of games, I generally turtle, focusing on my own civ’s technology and economy, and generally not getting into too many military conflicts. I usually win by technology. This time though, I’ve been making a conscious effort to be a bit more aggressive, sniping developing colonies from other civs and actually getting involved with some military conflicts. It’s fun, but for me, “eXtermination” is probably the least interesting of the four X’s, plus, combat in Endless Space 2 is probably its weakest aspect, so while different, it’s somewhat repetitive. Maybe as I open up more military technologies, things will change and my combat options will increase in interesting ways.


So it’s not a game I’m currently playing, but YAY MONSTER HUNTER WORLD ON PC AUGUST 9TH!!!

This may get me to stop playing Battletech for a week.


It’s okay, we can just assume you’re playing Dauntless, which is basically Monster Hunter with the serial numbers filed off. And is free.


I played Disgaea4 back on the PS3 and I was pretty enamored with it until someone stole my PS3 and I figured out that I need to redo all the progress I had made. So I’ve been waiting patiently waiting for D5 to come out on the PC (I bought it ahead of time), and then the publisher delayed it for whatever reason.

I very quickly found out that the demo they released had all of the game inside of it and it was quickly cracked. I tried to hold out but I went sailing the high seas!

It’s mindless grinding and figuring out ways to grind more efficiently but it’s so over the top I can’t help but love it.


I’ve had Disgaea 1 PC version waiting for me on my Steam library for the longest time. And now it seems more and more likely that the remake will come out before I get around touching it.


Yeah, and really, you should wait for it, I’ve heard a lot of QoL things are coming in the new version .