Games You are Currently Playing


Tekken 7
God of War
Dead Cells (pls come out of early access soon)


Steam says I have 179 hours logged, but a chunk of that is because I accidentally left a game on the idle orbit screen (timeline paused) for two straight days. The other 130ish hours are legit.

Once I discovered that I could effectively remote desktop and figured out remote Steam Link, it was all over.


Alto’s Adventure


Heroes of the Storm
Final Fantasy V
Uncharted 4 (trophy cleanup)
Rock Band 3 (when I want to play drums)
Rocksmith (when I want to play guitar)


Are you doing this challenge I heard about?


The challenge of Final Fantasy V is just to play it without throwing a controller through a window.


Slay the spire is up for $10 so probably picking that up.


Still doing daily every day. My ascension is way lower than other people, though.


At $10, Slay the Spire seems worth checking out, especially given the GeekNights hype. I’ll probably buy it again if it comes out for iOS.


A lot of people are playing it with the Steam app on Android. Seems like the app will come out for iOS eventually once Valve and Apple sort out their shit.


Is slay the spire primarily pvp ala hearthstone or is is more like hearthstone dungeon runs? I know you covered this in your ep on it, but tbh I only listen to the tech episodes and occasional thursdays if they’re interesting.


It is an entirely single player game. It is indeed a lot like Hearthstone dungeon runs. You can Google this, or just read the store page on Steam.


just double checking, much obliged. I was probably gonna pick it up when I got home regardless, just curious.


No, just playing it for the first time. And probably last time.


Rocket League
Pokémon Sun Ultra


Gotcha, here’s the challenge I was referring to if anyone is wondering what I’m talking about.


People got real good at Aces in the last week. I thought I was going to excel for a little bit after the demo weekend but I only managed to break even on wins/losses for the first couple days. I haven’t been able to get past the third round so far and usually have trouble breaking past the second round. After not playing for a few days I was having trouble breaking out of the first round. There are still some things that I’m trying to work out strategy-wise but some people straight up trounce me. I still manage to do the best with Spike but have been trying some other power characters.


Learn the meta from professor you. It’s all about trick shot abuse.


Still stuck on the same boss. Problem is his health resets every time I die. This’d be a cinch in multiplayer where the health only resets if everyone dies at once.


Yeah, that was my issue with borderlands. I didn’t like dying when I played alone. Everything felt too hard but in the bad where they just threw health at ya.