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Unless it’s truly incredible, most single player game hype seems to die off pretty quick, as more and more people play it to completion and put it out of their minds.


I think it’s mostly been beaten by people and they moved on. I’ve been trying to play through and mostly not having the best time. I will say the game starts to pick up in a couple spots but it takes hours to get there. And I’m concerned any other good moments will have just as much buildup (which was way too much).

I was also starting to find the chests that open with puzzles to start really slowing down the momentum for me personally because even if they take 15-30 seconds the momentum has already stalled for me and I’m less interested in what’s happening. So if something takes me more than a moment to figure out then I just move past it, despite my drive to complete the puzzle.


Not impressive from the perspective of someone who’s really good at Sound Voltex, but I’ve been trying to break 9.5mil for months and kept getting defeated by transitioning between the awkward runs of 16th notes and syncopated fills… until today.


Cultist Simulator is a fucking gem. It’s a singleplayer narrative driven card game that is all about manipulating the cards via timers and functions. Each general function (work, explore, study, etc.) has vastly different outcomes and possible modifications based on the root card you slot into them. The game has essentially zero tutorial, but ramps up slowly so the sense of discovery around the game feels like you are unlocking arcane secrets. I’ve put around ten hours into the game and just feel like I’m starting to master the basics. I HIGHLY recommend if you like occult trappings, roguelites, and narrative heavy games.


I’ve been playing League of Legends for about two months now after not playing it for 5+ years. I would watch eSports of League because I was aware of how the game still worked so I could still follow what goes on. It’s so much more enjoyable than what I remember and how bad I used to be at it. Couple of notes.

  • League of Legends is basically the Baseball of eSports. Heavily statistics/match-up focused which makes the pick/ban stage so much more engaging to see play out. Some players really stand out but the amount of strategy evolved is a lot more nuanced. Riot provides so much data to download/rewatch any match you’ve played no matter what camera angle and the details of how much each player provided.

  • The champion pool is far better than it used to be and I think you can find a champion to cater to your playing style in any role you want to know. My personal favorite champs include Galio, Tahm Kench, Rakan, Trundle, Sejuani, Ornn, Anivia, Cassiopeia, and Kog’Maw.

  • The fact that Riot updates/patches the game every two weeks is refreshing beyond any other level of developer interaction in any other competitive eSport. Because Riot spends all their time on this game, they have no distractions or other priorities to get in the way and tell players nearly every bit of info that comes out. This frankly has spoiled me towards fighting games or other competitive eSport games that take so long to get a response. (Hearthstone might be 2nd but even they take a long time)

  • This is not high praise, but I don’t think you could call League the most toxic gamer fanbase anymore. They have a very reliable/easy-to-use/quick-to-respond report system that covers every type of issue. Players do not nearly troll or grief you as much as they used to.

  • League is still incredibly jank and the aesthetics are still the worst part about it. Character design is better these days, but there’s no consistency at all. Some of the designs still haven’t been since I played years ago, but every redesign I’ve looked is a general improvement.


I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch competitive deathmatch.

It’s freeing in a sense. There’s no voice chat, and there’s no reason to interact with anyone other than through killing. It’s easier to drop in, play a few comp games, and drop out. Zero pressure.

I’ve also resigned myself to just playing comp all the time in other modes (except when I’m feeling some Arcade nonsense). I’ll let my comp ranking flow with the wind and the randomness of complete idiot strangers refusing to play anything but Reaper.


The bad guys might kill me a fair amount in Just Cause 3 but I die much more often to poorly placed environmental explosions.


I picked up Mirror’s Edge 2 for like $5, it’s worth the price. Aside from some forced fighting I’ve been having a lot of fun, even then I didn’t enjoy the fighting because I purposefully ignored all fighting skills to get all of my movement skills first. ¯\(ツ)


Managed to get my old save of AC4: Black Flag reloaded. I was on the absolute last level of the main campaign, and was able finish it in about 20 minutes. Now it’s just DLC and collectibles.

To be honest I’m not much into the AC games, it’s just Black Flag was basically an expanded edition of Sid Meier’s Pirates. I’m kinda of looking at AC: Odyssey for similar reasons.

Also be messing around with the sandbox mode in Tropico 5 a little. BTW if you want a good spiritual successor to Evil Genius the Tropico series scratches that itch. It’s hard to decide which one is better 4 or 5 at this point. When 5 came out it was a letdown from 4 in a lot of way, but over time it’s gotten a lot better. Both game have a crapton of DLC, but it’s not as bad as the Sims or Total War games.

There’s a Tropico 6 coming soon which goes full scale super-villain. Basically you can send teams of thieves around the world to steal national landmarks for your islands.


Nioh is currently on sale, so I probably get it this weekend.


My games right now, in no particular order, are Mario Tennis, PUBG, Slay the Spire, and Hearthstone.


Stuck on the space ship boss in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I think I’m too low level for it but there weren’t any other side quests on my level to do before it.

EDIT: There are they just didn’t show up on the quest list. I had to go to the last area to see them on the map.


Mario Tennis


Nier: Automata
Sea of Thieves which I treat like PUBG where the point is PvP and just trying to sink other people.




Final Fantasy 12
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Wizard of Legend


Mario tennis
Civ v


Witcher 3… Civ 5, random Switch stuff (Shapes and Beats/Zelda/Marvel Lego heroes 2)

Just need to stop wandering around in Witcher 3 and work on the plot, but it’s such a great setting to get lost in.



Dark Souls,
Pretty much end of list.


Three Battletechs? That’s insane!