Games You are Currently Playing


I wasn’t exactly sure where to put this article, but figured this was as good a place as any:


Battletech is real good.


Too good.

We should play this weekend. Get some multi-lance battles going.


In my dream world, there’s connectivity between a Battletech sort of game, and a Mechwarrior sort of game. Kind of like Battlefield2 or 4’s Commander mode, where you’re essentially playing an RTS in one mode, commanding people who are playing an FPS. I can’t get enough of asymmetric co-operative modes.

Also, Deep Rock Galactic is shaping up to be basically everything it promised, and a bit more, which is bloody nice.


Robot Natural Selection. Sign me up.


I keep thinking “I should buy a Switch!” and then falling back to “I just put together an emulator, why don’t I give Metroid Fusion and Earthbound a shot first?”.


Bought Frostpunk after seeing it release on Steam. Didn’t really know anything about it and found out it’s from the This War of Mine people. It’s a base builder that’s similarly bleak and I’m finding myself engaged in a way it’s hard for games like this to do for me. It’s got some problems I’m finding with management but it sounds like they’ll keep updating with content and whatnot so hopefully they fix some of these things.



Games You Will Be Playing


Just finished BotW, the music in the credits was worth it. Next paycheck I’ll get Super Mario Odyssey (not translated by Emily Wilson).


Beat God of War over the weekend, still working through all of the side content because the game is so fun to play, just have a couple valkyries and getting all the treasure in Niflheim left. Overall I’m not in the same group as those saying it’s “the best game I’ve ever played”, I will agree that it is certainly one of the, if not the, best made games of all time. There is just so little to criticize about the game on any level.

It’s real good, would play again.


I am a bit bitter sweet about finishing the game.
I am afraid that I might be a bit overpower before the ending. I am about to enter the point of no return, and I have overcome 3 Valkyries and Kratos is at level 7. I want to do most if not all the side quest before the end, but I am afraid that it might be a walk in the park if I do that. In the mean time the game has proven to be at the right size of difficulty at every chapter of the game.
Also, Odin kind of sucks so far.


After getting 100% on God of War, I took a small break but have gotten back to finishing Mario + Rabbids and also started Cuphead. So the general consensus has been that Cuphead is really hard, but I’m just not seeing that? I’ve played it for an hour and got to the second island with only 17 deaths. I guess the bar for game skill is a lot lower than I thought it was. I’ve watched a couple streamers try to play it and I seem to be better than a lot of them. I guess personality really does matter more than skill when it comes to being a successful streamer.


OMG Shapes & Beats ()@&#%)(&@#$)^(*@)($_()!@#&^


I didn’t realize that game was out. Was fun at pax.


Replaying Nier: Automata again because I’m feeling up for a punch or two in the feels.


I’m at what I am 99% sure is the actual final boss of Shapes and Beats.


I was really excited when I saw a trailer for Wizard of Legend as it seemed like a fun little rogue-like I could play with some friends online. However, looking into the game, it apparently only has local co-op, which meant that my interest in it plummeted.

However (x2), I read about the new (to me?) Playstation SHARE Play, where for up to 60 minutes, a friend can watch you play a game remotely and you can actually “hand off” control of the game to your friend without her/him having to actually own it. Not only that, but SHARE Play allows you to play local co-op games over the internet.

So even though my friend wasn’t sitting next to me, and didn’t even own a copy of Wizard of Legend, we were able to play together for a couple hours. After 60 minutes, the SHARE Play session expires, but you can just pause your game and start a new one.

This is super cool!


Still hooked to Rainbow six siege, and have started PUBG! these two are running on pc most of the time.


Hey just a little question from my side, I own a PS4 too so is it just me or the GOW hype all died?

Bought the game on the first day of release and I have only played 2 hours. It didnt attract me that much. :frowning: