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Rock Paper Shotgun has a somewhat follow-up article where they interviewed Soren Johnson about his upcoming 4X game and some of the “problems” he sees with the genre:


I finally gave up and dropped a discrete GPU (Radeon RX 560 - because I could actually get it for MSRP instead of the stupid-ass market price of GPU’s these days) into my APU-based PC, and I am now prepared to join the land of the living as far as PC gaming goes.

Right now, I’m playing the Doom (2016) demo, and will probably be getting the full game shortly. I’m enjoying this whole “playing real vijigames again” thing.


I’ve been playing Poly Bridge, from the current humble bundle. It’s a pretty decent bridge-builder.


Doom is pretty fucking good. It feels real good to melee someone to death…


I’m totally into it. It’s a beautiful synthesis of classic and modern FPS mechanics.


Playing Witcher 3 and Zelda: My weapon’s broken, Both are a lot of fun for different reasons, Witcher 3 a mature, living world and Zelda is a game where I fall off the side of a mountain to my death after my weapon breaks.


So I put about 12 hours into the new God of War over the weekend. I really like it so far. It combines a lot of what I loved about the latest Tomb Raider games and Horizon: Zero Dawn from last year in terms of crafting and world exploration. Then add a satisfying combat system that reminds you of old GoW games, but actually requires tactics and nuance while the old games were just button mashers for the most part. Then wrap all of that up with the epic scale that GoW is known for, and I’ve been having a great time. Since the whole thing is one seamless experience too, it makes it really easy to just do one more thing, and one more thing, and one more thing.

The only thing I’m not fully sold on is the narrative itself. I think the relationship between Kratos and Atreus is well realized, it’s cool seeing how it grows not just through story scenes but in combat as well, but its very existence hasn’t justified itself yet. It’s possible that it never will, which may be okay depending on where the story goes, but right now it just feels like an arbitrary choice as a side character. All of the other side characters are great though, they provide a lot of needed levity.

Also, Jormungandr is the best character. He is a good snek friend.


Just got NieR. Am I missing something (just finished the first big boss) or is this game absolutely fucking miserable to play? The camera sucks, the controls suck, and the game hates me for trying to use the sword. The camera keeps going to top-down, all the enemies so far are the exact same shade of red as the ground, and their attack animation is just them spinning their spindly friggin’ arms in front of them. If you want to dash/dodge around, use your sword, control the camera, and shoot (because why wouldn’t you be shooting?) then you need four digits on the right half of your controller, and you’re still going to have to move a finger to A to jump. I unironically considered pressing my face against the right stick and using that to aim.

Then there’s the port being shitty. No borderless windowed, switches to windowed whenever it loses focus, and at one point it decided my cursor MUST always be visible and in the center of the screen. Don’t worry though, after a bit it got better and starting showing the cursor only while there was an input from the controller.


Nope, that all sounds about right. The only thing you’re missing so far is the realization that it gets worse.


Are you playing with mouse and keyboard or something? I played it with 360 controller and had no issues.


Also you should not be sword fighting and shooting at the same time, your melee weapon are your main damage dealers and your Pod guns are for chip while you retreat to heal or evade.


Welp, just refunded it since I was close to the 2 hour point anyways. Maybe when it’s $10 I’ll play through it on easy for the story.

XBox 1 controller over USB on Windows 10.

But shooting doesn’t interrupt melee, does it? Why would I not shoot, when I could shoot? And if the game wanted me to use my sword, it would either have faster enemy attacks where I would dodge then counter, or some stun on my attack so I could land a few hits. Prolonged, short-range attacks are mechanically pushing me to stand back and shoot.


I’m really scratching my head here as to what your issue is other than that your gun is not for constant use even if it doesn’t break combos; you should be getting some stun and knock back. Are you using light and heavy attacks in your combos? Are you using hard lock on so you don’t have to worry about the camera? Also evade is less a timing thing than a mashing thing. Without seeing you playing I can’t say much else other than practice a bit.


I’ve got a running tally on how many times Kratos is about to lay a comforting hand on Atreus’ shoulder but then pulls back. The whole “be a man, like me” approach is getting a bit tiresome because he basically never lets up from it, and it comes across kinda poorly sometimes. I’m kinda waiting for a payoff to occur where he comes to terms with the fact that his son doesn’t need to be the same person he is, or maybe that being a man doesn’t mean being cold and unfeeling all the time, but I’m not sure if that will happen. I’m hoping to be surprised though.


I get what you are saying. However, it is also a matter of perspective. I think he is pulling back not because he tries to push the “be a man, like me” approach. I think he pull back because he is afraid. Afraid of letting his son see a different side of him, a more sensible side, a side of him that maybe his previous family, and late wife have seen.
Kratos is a very damaged character, and relatable to some cultures where generations grew up with the so called “though love” mentality. Now they are learning to let go whatever was holding them down, when they become parents, or grandparents.


Battletech is out. Going to be doing a lot of that and Labo tonight and tomorrow.


God damn it I forgot it was so soon.

So much for… well… doing anything.


Yeah I see that. I’m just curious if that’ll pay off or if it’ll just perpetuate his current (where I’m at) emotions. I have to think they’ll address it but I’d be pretty disappointed if they didn’t.


Took me a while, but 12 hours in and I’m past the prison break. If I could choose again I woulda taken the artillery mech over the heavy sniper mech.