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I gotta find time to play the expansion.


I’m not entirely sure why you guys aren’t talking about Kaiju Chess, but I am deeply confused.

Described by many as Pacific Rim meets Advance Wars, Into the Breach is a super tight action/puzzle game brought to us by the guys wot made FTL. It’s a tactics game where you have to use your limited squad of robots to try and prevent random bugs that showed up from blowing up your city. Hopefully this means playing whack a mole with giant robots, but frequently it involves desperately pushing the bugs around the map and throwing your big stompy robots into harms way to try and get the bugs to only blow up half of your city. It’s a deeply engrossing game and my coworkers and I would not shut up about it this morning.


I am playing this. Also Slay the Spire. Also One Hour One Life.


I am playing this. It is good.


I decided to change things up and go back to Darksiders II, it’s an older game which is basically Zelda/Prince of Persia with a Warhammer Art Style.

I found out they’re making Darksiders III (Which was surprising since the company went out of business, but it seems they managed to resurrect the company). It’s going to star “Fury” (A lady horseman no less) vs the seven deadly sins.


I’m playing, just not enough time in the days to clear it all yet.


I’m playing this, but I’ve only cleared the first island so far.


Slay the Spire is real good even in this early stage.

I have to drag myself away from it to dive into the breach, let alone all the VR games I’m neglecting.

It’s PC Gaming Season.


Latest from Civ VI, an AI settled a city too close to me so it lost it to disloyalty, but it was in the arctic so I refused it and it stayed free for the rest of the game.


I’m on the last stage of Celeste, loving every minute of it.


Been playing lots of Celeste myself too. I’ve felt that some bits overstay their welcome a bit and I’m not sure what to feel about the game not telling you it’s rules. But beyond those minor things it’s great game, right up my alley.


Does Europa Universalis Iv have good tutorials? I tried to play Crusader Kings II but was confused and gave up, so I’m worried I’ll do the same with EU4.


If I remember correctly, it had bit more than what Crusader Kings 2 did, but not much.


Yeah, I really like what they did with Rise and Fall; it’s fucking brilliant. The interactions between loyalty, espionage and governors really feel like they make all three mechanics interesting and worthwhile.

I’d love to play a big multiplayer Civ VI game sometime, although Civ V would do; I’ve been kinda jealous of the FRCF Civ V goings on for a while.

I recently decided to get into either Into the Breach or Slay the Spire, and I picked the latter; I’m loving it so far. My winrate is nowhere near as good as it ought to be because I play way too greedy, but then I also win more stylishly / egregiously; the payoff is excellent when you do stuff like hit the 999 armor cap and use Body Slam.


The best tutorials I’ve seen for EU4 are videos that total something like 10 or 15 hours in length, but those are a bit out of date given the speed that Paradox throws those expansions out.

It’s definitely a play the game for an hour or two, figure out what went wrong and start a new game sort of game. You’ll find yourself digging through the wiki soon enough to more detailed info.


I bought it, played the tutorials, started a game as the Ottomans, stared at the screen for ten minutes, and closed the game because I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. What is the goal of the game?


I have put over 2k hours into CKII but the tutorial was bad. I learned via trial by fire.


I think warframe has one of the worst tutorials I’ve ever seen. It spends so much time telling you so much, while actually telling you effectively nothing whatsoever, it’s atrocious for player onboarding, and worse, it gives a false sense that they’ve actually taught you.


I remember we had a forum multiplayer game of EU3 with someone who knew how to play, after getting the game started while we all were being taught how to play the game, literally half of our countries went into rebellion just by moving one slider by accident.


CKII I’ve spent like 4 hours on… and probably watching 4 hours of tutorial videos. Not sure if I can say I dislike it, but it’s maybe not my thing.