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It’s for 3DS now that I look at it but it’s a New 3DS title. That’s something to watch out for is some games are only available on he “New” branded xDS series. Xenoblade Chronicles is another one. If you got a 2DS XL you should be fine. But if you got a regular one I don’t believe it can play them.


Yeah, I saw that. I’m getting a “New 2DS XL” so it should work.


4chan wikis are weirdly good. The /sci/ wiki has a great list of recommended textbooks.


I feel like when 4chan actually dedicates itself to a project, it weirdly gets it’s shit together.


Eh, I think they like to give that impression, but I’m not so sure. After all, there’s a lot of stuff they claim, but they really had nothing to do with - for example, that famous(but bullshit) story about 4Chan directing a Russian Airstrike on ISIS.


It’s more like individuals on 4chan will meet there and collaborate to create something useful or interesting, using the board to plan or bounce ideas around and get input about what they’re doing. The tabletop gaming board /tg/ is especially is notorious for this, creating 1d4chan and the World of Darkness magical girl splat Princess: The Hopeful (which is fucking amazing) among other things.


Oh shit I should’ve waited on the DS buy because I’m about to sink a few hundred more hours into Civ VI after its expansion comes out tonight.


I think the relevant boards have a small number of pretty active, highly-competent people, and masses of idiots. Sometimes the competent people work together to actually accomplish something, but most of the time the idiots just fuck around. I think most of the real accomplishments probably had a small number of people actually contributing, and a lot of people just along for the ride.


A lot of the brass tacks stuff beyond bouncing the idea around also takes place off the site proper in other channels, private boards, Skype or these days Discord and Google docs and stuff.


I got Sonic Generations for 3DS because I love that game too much but I didn’t realize it had totally different levels and slightly different mechanics from the version I had on PS3 and PC. Very happy surprise after the unhappy surprise that Fire Emblem Warriors isn’t a turn based tactical RPG like I thought it would be.


Since there’s steam sale going on this weekend I got Hearts of Iron IV.

This is very deep pool I’m diving into and I’ve been playing Stellaris for a quite a while.


Playing a Civ VI Earth True Start game. An emergency was called on the Zulu to liberate a City State they had taken. Playing as the Cree, I saw no harm in war with the Zulu, so I joined. I was the only one to do so. I figured it was a lost mission, until 15 turns in when the Zulu failed to keep the City State loyal and it rebelled, making me victorious in the Emergency alone and with no effort. 12,000 gold and 1 gold per turn for each envoy as a reward for nothing.


That’s some ace foreign policy right there!


It turns out if you True Start Earth with seven Civs in Europe, two get swallowed up by two of the others by the Loyalty mechanic new to Rise and Fall. It’s really interesting.

Meanwhile, I’m playing as Mongolia with no land competition. I founded the Suez Canal before France had fallen.


Spent the weekend learning Hearts of Iron IV. Was Italy, managed to take over Yugoslavia, fun times.

This is a game where you want to learn how to optimize your techs. The system for building units, having to provide equipment and organize the troops, but it does in a way so you don’t have to micromanage.


I’m bouncing between Celeste, Stardew Valley, and Splatoon 2. They each serve as a buffer for the others in a way.

…And Warframe, because at this point it might as well be my night job. :smile:


(I also finally got around to building my first Zaw and first new operator Amp, and they’re pretty sweet.)


I just bought a 3DS but I can’t stop playing Civ VI because of Rise and Fall.


New Stellaris patch/expansion today!


In my latest game there was a city that rebelled from France and got full loyalty to Free Cities. It lasted for ten or twenty turns.

EDIT: Here’s a screenshot