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I never really used the potions. They are limited, so you don’t want to use one unless it will have a big impact. Sadly, you can only hold 3, and I end up having to discard unused ones when I pick up a fourth or fifth potion. Yet, whenever I’m in a tight spot and I look at my potions, none of them are strong enough to make the difference.


Try Clank. I played it at PAX. Imagine an Infiltration deckbuilder.


If you have three potions, there’s no reason in using at least one to make room for the next. The elixir was the most useless of potions, it only worked on status and curse cards in your hand.

Anything that can end a combat quicker is always a plus, you can always pull a dud hand that can get you killed.

There’s a relic that gives an extra energy per turn, for the price of not being able to use potions. So that’s a valid playstyle.


I used that relic to great effect.


The fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZZ might be fine, but basically everything outside of the actual matches is varying amounts of bad. Big thing is the game build around big online lobbies, which is nice gimmick, but in execution it’s more bothersome than worth it and for some weird reason, the option to go for offline lobby is hidden at the end of server selection process (and it’s a process), rather than in the beginning. Tutorials and movelists use default buttons, instead of looking at player’s keybindings, which is just stupid and should be easy thing to solve. And the story mode keeps feeding you tutorial missions, on repeat, even though they are in the tutorial, which doesn’t even contain all the mechanics of the game.

And yes, these are nitpicky things, but I feel like things like these are meaningful and important even if the core gameplay is fine.


Side thing, but do you follow ScrubQuotesX on twitter? The salt over DBFZ is pretty fucking funny.


No I don’t, especially not now. Saw during the beta enough of the FGC bullshit elitism over how noobs suck at playing fighting games and how much better people fighting game playing übermensch are that I saw it better to avoid both that side of twitter as well as DBFZ channel on the Finnish FGC discord. Fighting games are basically impossible to learn and I hate the way the people who voice that are laughed at. Fuck fighting games.


Just call Smash Bros. a fighting game and watch the nerds rip their eyelids off in anger.


This is mostly the other side of it, people acting like this game sucks because it’s not Xenoverse.


And if people prefer Xenoverse, there is really nothing wrong with that. Of course there is the Internet communication issues where people act like assholes about things they like or don’t, but that shit just adds fuel to the fire to the whole “xenoverse is some baby game while FighterZZ is Real Fighting Game for Real Fighting Game Players.”


Solution anyone?


Celeste is that exact tight level of Super Meat Boy difficulty that has be hooked. Fuck those B-side levels though


Ok yes Slay the Spire is a pretty awesome game.


This isn’t a nitpick, you are absolutely right. They definitely saw every decision other games have solved and went the wrong direction for everything. The choice to start in the online lobby and go through nine connection screens before being told the lobby is full is a complete waste of several minutes just to boot up. Then the option to pick offline lobbies only after failing to connect online is an incredible bother.
Why one can’t just have story/arcade/practice be offline instead of having to go through that whole login process is beyond any sane reason.


What 3DS/DS games did you love? I mostly skipped those consoles so I’m picking a 2DS (the 3DS 2D model, not a first generation DS) up now. To start I ordered Pokemon X, Smash Bros 3DS, and Fire Emblem: Warriors.


Rune Factory 4. It’s such a perfect portable game, you can pick it up to do a few minutes of fantasy farming and also spend hours with it. (Though often I end up in the hours category even if I meant to play just a bit).

Obvious note is that if there is sequel to something you like, it’s probably worth it. 3DS Phoenix Wrights, Link Between Worlds, Shin Megami Tensei IV and so on.

Bravely Default is fine jrpg, though I haven’t finished it, so this is not a full endorsement. Also on the jrpg train if you haven’t played Xenoblade Chronicles and want to the 3DS version is good.


Bought witcher 3 cheap. Hopefully find time for it.


I love the Phoenix Wright series, you should play as many of those as possible. If you haven’t played Chrono Trigger yet, the DS port is really good. I haven’t played Super Mario 3D Land in a while, but I have happy memories of it. Pushmo is a fun 3D puzzle platform game. Those are what immediate come to mind for me.


Didn’t realize Fire Emblem: Warriors was on 3DS.


I thought FE Warriors was a Switch-only title?

Anyway, despite being attached to the worst 4chan board, the '/v/‘s recommended games wiki’ is a pretty good resource, imo: