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I guess I played doki doki literature club. I played through once blind, but got very bored very quickly that there were so few choices. Turned on super rapid skip. Clicked whatever through everything. Paid some attention at the ending and did the thing. Clearly not my kind of horror game. I get what they’re going for, but I’d much rather do less clicking and boring text reading. Also it’s free so I didn’t expect much. Maybe it was ruined for me because I went into it blind thinking I’d RP something, but there’s just no choices.


It really only works if you are familiar with the tropes and conventions of visual novels. If you’re not a fan of that kind of media and have little experience with them it won’t be effective. It sounds like you went in expecting a game, and visual novels aren’t really games even though they get lumped in with them.


I went back to Anno 2070 for a little bit, mostly because I never finished the main campaign. I remember why I stopped, at the end of the 2nd series of missions. your island was basically nuked by Skynet. So you had to rebuild everything and place a lot of extra crap to reduce to toxicity of the island.


That’s basically how far I got in that game as well. One of these days I’d like to finish the main campaign.


gave up about half way through Alwa’s Awakening. Very good NES style pixel art but the level design in this puzzle-platformer leaves much to be desired - Over reliance on walls which you can walk through with no indication of such as well as very low HP and little checkpoints makes it very hard to play.


I very much enjoy the morality and low resources of those Shadowrun games. They do a good job of presenting you with “this job is morally dubious, but man am I low on cash” decisions.


I spent a fair chunk of my New Years break playing Dream Daddy. I was expecting “haha gay dads,” but it was actually very sweet and the relationship you have with your daughter is particular heartwarming. It also motivated me to do some home improvements I’d been putting off because I felt dadish.

I’ve also started playing a bit of Divinity 2 with my partner and his brothers. It’s pretty clever how it uses elemental effects and I enjoy being a frill necked lizard wizard. The plot is a bit meh, but if you’re playing multiplayer, it doesn’t really matter.



Hell has frozen over, I’m playing a video game and it’s Nier Automata.

Two hours in, my initial impression is that it stretches backwards in time, captures the spirit of Parasite Eve or something, and smooshes it into a character action game. Like all good jrpgs, it opens with the protagonist wondering if they might kill God someday. I guess we’ll see.



If you want a Rogue-like Deckbuilder “Slay the Spire” is very solid for being still in Steam early access.


Oh, so that’s what that game is. I see a lot of people playing it.

I do like the concept of Roguelike deckbuilding. Reminds me of the Hearthstone dungeon mode they added, which is way fun.


Definitely playing Slay the Spire after reading this:


A coworker says it’s pretty short though at the moment. I may wait for it to have more content.


It looks pretty solid. I might give it a go.


It’s one of those “easy to learn, hard to master” sort of games. Each run will be, at most, 3 rounds, however that can still be a challenge to get through.

For people who enjoy deckbuilding games, though? It really scratches that itch well.


Dragon Ball Fighterz is amazing. It honestly is just a better Marvel vs Capcom. There’s just so many interesting decisions and solutions to make every moment.
They also did a pretty decent job of building small walls for improvement for new players with auto combos and limited special moves. Mashing one of the three attack buttons for any character will give any player a combo and either a launch, knock back, or super. Anybody 1-1 trading with someone that knows how to manual combo will lose the match, but it honestly helps by letting new people focus on learning the other mechanics like tagging, approach, and defensive options.

Meter management is huge in this game. It is quickly gained and spent the whole time while forcing important decisions. Everyone can push a button to rapidly gain meter, but you are left open for free damage the whole time. “Grabs” give you a full bar of meter, but you can trade that bonus to force your opponent to tag. All that meter can be burned to buff special moves, use supers, or escape damage and get a free hit on your opponent’s back.

It’s been an incredible blast just playing this and learning each character’s gimmick last week.


Update, I tried to slay the spire once before going to work. I got to the spire on my first try and got my ass kicked. I put too much emphasis on making my deck awesome and not enough on healing my HP. It wasn’t until about halfway through the game that I even realized my HP didn’t heal to 100% after battles.


Ok, Slay the Spire is lit. If this is just early access, this game is gonna be lit.


They just dropped patch notes on the next update. They got rid of the Elixir position which was the most situational of potions.