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About to finish new South Park game. I liked the first one a decent amount and I think I like this one even more. The writing is pretty solid and they’ve switched up the combat and made it grid based with attack tiles and a bunch of attacks from “classes” of superhero you choose. You start with one and the game opens up more as you go. Eventually in the end game they just give you access to all of them. It’s quite a bit longer than the first which I think I beat in 14 hours doing everything I could. This one I’ve done a handful of side quests and I’m at 20 hours. I think I’m pretty close to the end though. If you liked the first one I’d definitely recommend this one. It’s superior in my eyes. Seems pretty easy to get at a reasonable price right now too. People really seem to not like the combat and say it’s long and tedious. While fights are longer there are much less than the previous game and I never really found them that long. Maybe I just wasn’t bothered as much or people just choose combos that don’t work together.


Well I’ve been living under a rock because I did not know there was DLC. There goes my weekend.


So I wasted the bulk of my Thanksgiving holiday playing FGO. The game scratches that rpg itch of making my dudes stronger. I am less concerned with getting better dudes with higher rated stars.

But it’s nice when I do get a higher rated servant. The C+ shonen anime plot from the game is alright. The dialogue is kind of a slog to get through so I will skip through them only to go back and replay the dam scenes again.

But for zero dollars I’ve definitely gotten my monies worth.


I started getting back into video games lately, and it has been good.

I beat The Talos Principle a little while back. An interesting game. I don’t know if I actually liked it or not, but it made me think. I didn’t find the kitten, though.

Still playing Shadowrun Returns, and enjoying it. I also started playing Broken Age (weird, but I think I like where it’s going?) and Crypt of the Necrodancer (super addicting).


As anyone that added me from Overwatch knows at this point I’ve been back on the wow train for the current expansion. Just playing in a casual guild that only raids 5 hours a week.


Hearthstone and Zelda are my two games right now.

However, I’ve also got the official D&D candybox running in the background. If anyone wants to play it, just tell me your email address. There is an event going on that will put candy in both of our boxes if you start playing.

Why play a candy box, and why this one? It’s kind of like watering a plant. You just let the game do its thing and once in awhile you have to come and tend to it for a few minutes. As time goes on it grows and becomes more interesting. Also, costs nothing. They do try to charge you real money for some candy, but do not buy any! WTF! Why would anyone ever?


I bought rocket league on switch thinking I wouldn’t get back into it but yep I’m back in. Having trouble getting my skill back up though.


Starting a New Game+ with Horizon Zero Dawn on Ultra Hard Mode.

The big difference is that I’m only slightly invisible when I wear my best stealth suit. However I’ve only have gotten as far as the first hunting ground.

I’m also trying to do an efficient playthrough, only hunting when a quest demands it. Reason being is resources are a lot harder to come by in ultra hard mode.


Oh, I’m playing Fallout 4 for the first time. I’m a patient person. Maybe I’ll stream it. Meh. Oh I’m playing on survival because I like a good challenge.


I’ve made it as far as Meridian on my UH NG+ run. Grinded out the materials for all the inventory bags before I started it. I think I’m just going to do the story missions to finish the game so I can start anew on a easier difficulty.


I’ve grinded out everything on previous playthoughs. Really the only items I’m interested in collecting are the Ultra Rare Mods from Frozen Wild. So other than ammo, potions, and quest requirements I don’t need to get anything. I don’t even need to do the lodge quests since I already have the Lodge Adept weapons.

This is more for getting the last achievement.


Game recommendation: Crossout

Pros: build Mad Max-ish post-apocalyptic cars and tanks with a lego-like customization system. Arena Gameplay is relatively short but fun. There are PVE raids in addition to PVP.

Definitely for people who want to scratch that old school Car Wars itch.

Cons: F2P game, progression is slow without injection of real cash. However, there’s good rate of return on $10-20 investment.

It’s still “in beta” but the game itself is highly polished.


Crossout is the same guys as War Thunder. I have been meaning to give it a shot, but ive already monies’d WT quite a bit so dont need another potential sinkhole. Good to know 10-20 goes a ways. The money draw on WT is wanting that specific historic tonk or fighterplon you dream of right now.


In Crossout, it’s less about specific vehicles and more about getting specific Legos ahead of time. the most expensive packs are thing like Tanks, Big Rig trucks, and Hovercars.

They’ve been having a sale on some of their packs and they also come with in-game money for other weapons and parts.


Mario Run. Got all the pink and purple coins. Started on the black coins, but after World 1 they seem to depend on a lot of perfect timing. The response time on a touch interface just isn’t sufficiently consistent. Deleted and done.

I finished Metroid Prime 2 (respectable percentage—100% looks like a huge pita) and am quite enjoying a replay of Metroid Prime 3.


I am the best at making paperclips, I will turn everything into paperclips, all will be paperclips, I wonder what’ll happen when I am done?


I am working my way through my 2017 back catalogue of games I bought and started with Subsurface Circular by Mike Bithell - it is a great short game, about 2.5 hours it took me to complete it, about being a robotic (Tek) Detective solving a mystery on an underground train for robots.

It contains a few references to his over games being set AFTER Thomas Was Alone (You can actually talk to a Thomasian Priest bot.) but before Volume in terms of his universe timeline and has a bit to say about the whole “machines will take our jobs” future.


I’d never heard of it before recently but it looked interesting from what I saw. I didn’t really get into Thomas Was Alone very far, and I was interested in Volume but the reviews made it sound like it dragged on way too long. Picked this up during the Steam sale so I’ll give it a go.


Bought Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy and damn this game is sort of addicting but really tough. I watched a bit of a speed run up to where I am now an hour in and he got there in like 10 seconds. Then the part I’m stuck on currently he just did some nutso maneuver I could never do.


It’s a fun game for some definition of fun. What I find interesting is that i often end my play session at same spot where I started and still feel like I made progress.