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Fez is amazing even if some puzzles are legit unsolvable.


So I have been aying both Mario x Rabbids and Mario Odyssey.

Got to say the forced motion controls in Odyssey plus the dive action being something that isn’t a button (ZL and Y) might make it a deal breaker for me before my All controller gets in. It’s really annoying that they are trying to forced you to play this game on a TV when most of the time I am going to be in handheld mode and simply can’t do the nearly required actions unless I jam my thumb.

Rabbids on the other hand is fucking great, the Mario puzzles combined with xcom battles work amazingly well together, us the beepbo adds a lot of streight man humor to the rabbids crazy antics. Plus the annoyance factor is toned WAY DOWN from their normal style so adults who don’t have kids can enjoy it. If you like xcom style combat, or want a more movement based version of that then I say go grab it.


Finished Horizon Zero Dawn, amazing story, lovely graphics, and engaging gameplay.
Playing Mario Odyssey. It is very hard to put down.


I burned out real hard on Mario v Rabbids. I’ve heard I should push through at least until the end of the third world I think? But that people who have finished it have said it REALLY drags towards the end.


You don’t really need to use the motion controls for anything I’ve seen, and I’m 400 moons in.


DLC is coming out for Horizon in the next week or so. It’s a new area and quest line.


I am on the buffet world, that bunny is kind of a pain. only 120 moons.


So this weekend I got back into playing FTL a bit. I love the game, but am tired of some of the Rogue-like aspects of it. Yes, I realize that’s the genre of the game, and I enjoy it, but I get tired of building a cool ship with a capable crew only to run into one bad battle and then my game is over and I have to start from the beginning again.

Does anyone know of a game that’s similar to FLT but that isn’t a Rogue-like? Maybe an RPG where instead of fighting battles as individuals, you fight battles as a spaceship and level it up that way? There must be something like that out there, but I don’t know.


Star Control 2? Star Control 3?


Those seem more like action-y games to me. I guess what I’m looking for is a game like FTL where you’re not constantly pushed towards the end, and where you can actually take the time to level up your crew and ship. FTL is just too random for me at times. A friend of mine recommended Halycon 6, but I haven’t really checked that out yet. The more I read about it though, the more I think that might be my answer:


Had that game on my wishlist for a while.


Mario Odyssey is no longer a game I am currently playing, because I have 100%'d it! Now to watch @pence’s look of joy and discovery as he plays.



Gotta admit, watching someone I know (not a youtube shouteyman) play a game I already played is way more fun than it has any right to be.

I really want @gomidog to start really playing BotW.


That’s why we want you to play Night in the Woods!


Its fun to watch them react or get excited about things you got excited about. I love watching anyone play a game I like for the first time.


This weekend, two games that I had some interest in, Overwatch and Endless Space 2, were free to play for the weekend. I spent some time playing both of them.

Overwatch I played with two friends, and while I’ll be the first to admit that the game is incredibly polished, the graphics are gorgeous, the characters are interesting, and the levels are vibrant and well thought out, competitive first person shooters just aren’t for me. While I enjoyed playing the game on and off throughout the weekend, I know that if I were to buy it, I wouldn’t play it that much. That being said, I think the Overwatch world, that Blizzard has created, is ripe with opportunity for other games. I’d even play a Left 4 Dead type of cooperative shooter where the Overwatch agents go on missions. But capture/defend the flag and general deathmatch type games just aren’t my thing.

Endless Space 2 I played for about 7 hours over the weekend, which surprised the heck out of me. Thank you Steam for keeping track. I’ve always loved 4X games, but sometime around after Civ V came out, I got a little tired of Firaxis’s formula and tried out Endless Legends, a fantasy, more story-based, 4X game. I absolutely LOVED Endless Legends and held off getting Civilization: Beyond Earth, Civ VI, and Stellaris. Stellaris interested me, as I love me some epic scifi, but after watching a playthrough of it, while it seems technically competent, it also seems… empty and without flavor. After playing a couple hours of Endless Space 2, I bought it last night because it was 50% off. While there’s nothing wrong with Stellaris per se, I love the individualized story-based missions that the factions in Endless Space 2 have, how you can influence politics to pass and repeal various laws, and generally the universe just seems more interesting to me. That’s just my 0.02 though.


The appeal of Stellaris, for me at least, is that ship combats of 100s of ships is more likely to happen. I loved the first Endless Space, but the small fleet size was kinda of limiting.


That’s a fair assessment. I have to admit that it was cool watching some guy on YouTube put together a massive fleet to destroy a dimensional horror or whatever it was in Stellaris. I guess for me, combat is the least interesting part of a 4X game, so the fact that fleet battles in Endless Space 2 are small doesn’t really bother me.

I guess if I really wanted to scratch any space battle itch, I’d just play Homeworld again.


I played through a full game of Endless Space 2 (about 7 hours), and I definitely agree about the individual quests / choose-your-own-adventure bits adding a lot of necessary story and flavor. The fleet size didn’t bother me that much, since I could still customize them to my heart’s content (I love my Defenestrator Class Rapid Offensive Units). A problem I have with 4X games (that ES2 doesn’t really solve) is the late-game, where I’ve built everything I can on most of my planets and ended up spamming colony ships into the far reaches of the galaxy to get that victory condition. The “Player X is close to victory” messages helped spur me on, but the amount of meaningful choices I had seemed kinda limited. That was just a single playthrough though, so what do y’all think?

EDIT: You know what game I kinda miss? Sins of a Solar Empire. Beyond just the fantastic title, I really enjoyed how the physicality of the systems felt, and I wish they had made a sequel / more expansions to flesh out the gameplay.

EDIT2: It looks like the mod support for that game is pretty good


Pokemon Black is fun for someone whose only Pokemon experience had been Platinum seven years ago. I’m naming my Pokemon after abolitionists which got super awkward when I found out the villain of the game is basically William Lloyd Garrison.