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I bought Shenzhen I/O, the latest Zachtronics game. It’s cool, but I’m not loving it as much as I thought it would. The in-game microcontrollers are pretty similar to the TIS-100 cells (the conditionals are different in a cool way). It ends up feeling like I’m solving a lot of the problems, at least at a basic level. Maybe that’ll change a lot when I get to later levels, but I’ve unlocked most of the parts already and none of them seem to really shake things up. I’d kill for an analog relay right now.

What’s really frustrating though is their decisions about what does and doesn’t cause an error. Connecting a signal to two inputs on the same chip? No can do. Connecting an output to an input on the same chip? Also no. Directly connecting two outputs together? Sure, go for it, the trace will just take the higher value. I get that these games aren’t actually meant to be realistic but this just feels egregious.


Some of the Fast Karate discord have been playing regularly. If you’re on my steam friends list, look forward to getting a bunch of stupid, punny named retirement weapons.


Fast Karate has discord? Can you post the link?


As far as I know I’m not. On steam I’m aspvip. If you see a penguin it’s me.


I take it back, I love Shenzhen I/O. I had to relearn the lesson from TIS-100: build something shitty first before worrying about optimizing, even if optimizing then means completely redesigning from scratch. And since I put ~5 hours into building my magnum opus, I really can’t talk shit anymore. It’s great.


My brother’s been begging me to try out Shadowrun for ages, so I started a game of Shadowrun: Dragonfall. I like it so far.

I’ve also been playing around with Niche. It’s really cute.


Make sure to talk to your party!


I’ve been playing The Escapists 2 recently. It’s pretty fun but is flawed and feels very unfinished. The menus and UI in general are very clunky. Crafting and world interactivity are limited in unexpected ways. Multiplayer is good, but I’ve had it desync a couple times for a few seconds. If they would just overhaul the UI and fix a couple little frustrating things I would recommend it, but not with the way it currently plays.


Is anyone playing Cuphead? It looks like exactly my kind of game in a way I didn’t know could exist.


Playing Picross S, and now Stardew Valley.
One can get addicted to Picross, very easily.


I’m holding out on Stardew Valley until there is official co-op. Also, I hear a lot of complaints about the UI on the switch. Apparently the right analog stick is being used to control the mouse cursor. That just sounds awful. I’ll go for PC on that one.

Also playing Picross, but mostly trying to finish Metroid.


2018 is the estimated time for Stardew Co-op. That is when I will farm up with any of you. Also there is an incredible UI mod on the PC version that makes the game awesome.


Been playing a hell of a lot of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after getting a switch about a week or so ago and having a good time with it. I’ve also started playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It’s the first time I’ve really played a Mario Kart game since Mario Kart 64. Now anything under 200 CC feels too slow.


Spaceplan is a fun candy box.


aha! I’ve been trying to remember this for awhile; RPS had this up awhile back and I was trying to remember the name of it.

I really liked the ending to this one


I just finished which is also a cow/cookie clicker with a story


I cheated and saw all of it in a few minutes thanks to the JavaScript console.


Took me the better part of today :upside_down_face:

Though do I wonder if the completely unobfuscated/unminified code is a bug or a feature


Grrr, those are joules not watts!


Being a bachelor for a week has meant a lot more focused game time, so a few things I’ve beaten recently.

Titanfall 2 - Never played the first one, only got this because it was highly lauded for having a great single player campaign. Don’t know if I necessarily agree, but it was fun enough. I know that the titans are a focus for this game, but overall I much preferred just the normal on-ground shooting portions. The wall running platforming was stupid though, not a fan.

Shovel Knight - I don’t really know how I was able to push through to finishing this game because I didn’t like it for the most part. It reminds me too much of what I dislike about old NES games, the constant feeling that my character isn’t doing what I’m telling it to. It’s an exceptionally well made game, but it’s also in an aesthetic that I’m just tired of now. I’m at that point where it has to be 16-bit or later retro for me to care.

Fez - On the opposite end, I really enjoyed playing this one all the way through. I basically beat the whole game in one sitting on Saturday and then went back Sunday to get 100% completion. I did end up looking up some of the solutions and just to figure out what the symbols mean because I’m lazy like that when it comes to fulfilling my completionist tendencies. Still, I wouldn’t mind playing it again some years down the road if I get the itch to do so.