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I’ve been playing a lot of Apex as sort of a “don’t want to play anything to engaging” game. Which is kinda counter-intuitive because it demands your attention, as do most FPS games. I’ve been getting better though as I was only getting single kills at best in most games for a few weeks. But now I’m getting 3-ish per game. Today I was killing it though, got kill leader, championed two games, and was getting 3-7 kills per match.

I’m on pretty much the same trajectory. I’m really really happy about this because it’s finally a competitive shooter where I don’t feel like dead weight, where feel like I can improve, and have improved over a few weeks to a basic competency where I can actually contribute to the squad. I might not have the twitch of the top tier players but I can hold my own.

I’m glad I got the Phoenix Wright trilogy instead of one of the new ones cause Phoenix Wright 1, replaying it, might be one of my top 10 games ever.

UPDATED: Phoenix Wright GBA (ie not with the 5th case) is one of my top 10 games of all time.

I just finished Sekiro, it’s very good.

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Stepping on dudes swords has never felt so nice. I wasn’t too proud to gimmick my way around the last fight though.

I just never let up on the guy, and his posture drained with every counter.

The umbrella is super useful for some of his attacks.

I forget my prosthetic exists during bossfights and just default to using firecracker

Yesterday we were searching for a local couch co-op game and unable to find anything definitively worthwhile on Steam or Switch eShops we landed on trusty old Secret of Mana. I hadn’t played it since I lived in Beacon and bought it on the Wii Virtual Console.

For as good as that game is, it is showing a bit more of its age than other all-time SNES classics. We ended up cheating using some cheat codes in the emulator (Game Genie equivalent) to get infinite magic points because some battles proved to be a huge pain without casting magical damage spells repeatedly. Also, we had to look up what to do and where to go next on the Internet several times.

Anyway, at every PAX I see tons of action RPGs all over the expo hall. I see them on ever level from the minibooth up to the big booths. There are so many that I just walk past them and say “oh, yet another action RPG” without giving a second glance.

The question is, are there any action RPGs with local couch gamepad co-op that aren’t almost 30 years old and are worth playing? It’s gotta be something I can play on my HTPC (even via emulator/piracy) or Nintendo Switch.

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It’s less RPG-y than some, but Enter the Gungeon’s a reliable entry in my book.

I would characterize the Monster Hunter franchise this way, but that’s “local portable system,” not gamepad. And that’s still not quite what you’re looking for if you want “one copy of the game lets four people play” or something like that. Also, MHWorld, the most newbie-friendly, cannot do local play at all.

Also Scott hates MonHun.

Diablo’s on the Switch and has local co-op IIRC.

Yeah, isn’t that a lot more like Smash TV? There are plenty of Robotron style local co-ops out there. That’s not what I’m looking for.

While I was searching I did come across this one:

Seems not the greatest for two player, but it might rock at a party.

I guess that’s fair. I know that there’s a set of Mana remakes on the switch in Japan, but lolnoenglish.

Even Seiken Densetsu 3 is on the Switch lolnoenglish.

I dunno if they’re just less popular than I think they are, or Square’s that dumb, or a little of both.

I think both. People have definitely been clamoring for it. Hell, I’d buy it. But now having seen how much SoM has aged, maybe it’s not actually that great. We’re just hype to drink from a long untasted well.

I mean, I owned it as a kid, but I never beat it. It was so grindy that I never seriously tried to get too far into it. I never particularly liked it.

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CRAWL is amazing but only works with 4 player. Anything less throws the balance off when you get to the final fight.

It’s the same way with Dragon Quest, which Square is so oddly dumb about that when Nintendo offered to, on their own dime, localize the long-forgotten DQ7 for NA, Square threatened to pull something big (I think Bravely Default?) from the system world-wide if they even tried.

The only thing we needed to do to eliminate all need to alleviate all grinding and annoyance was cheat for unlimited MP. That’s a lot less cheating than is required to make the more typical JRPG palatable to an adult.