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I think that was how my friend was. He ended up with some group of people he played a lot with.



Baba is me, and Baba is difficult.



Do I get Phoenix Wright Trilogy on Switch or Steam?



It probably doesn’t get anything out of the extra power PC has and they are originally portable games, so I’d go Switch.



I always say Steam for just about everything because I can’t trust the Nintendo store to stick around as much as I can trust Steam. But if you don’t care about that, and you want to play on the go, then buy on Switch.

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I think I’m gonna go Steam cause my Surface is powerful enough to play it and the joycons are too small for my AMAB hands to use so it’s not particularly portable.

I guess the real question is buy these ones I’ve already played or buy an Ace Attorney I haven’t played on 3DS.



Just finished Sekiro and starting up my 2nd playthrough. Great game, but also interesting installment in From Software’s library. It very much feels like a From game, but is distinct from Dark Souls/Bloodborne. Much like the rest of their modern games, there is a lot of mechanics and stuff all crammed together, not all of it works, but it’s beautifully polished. I wish there were more game companies where you could feel the mastery of their craft like this one.

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You should just buy a new one. The rerelease of Ace Attorney looks kinda jenk, I bought it on 3DS a while ago and a) it hasn’t aged super well and b) their redrawing of the graphics or interpolation or whatever it is is not great.

I think the two newer ones are alright. They seem about equal in terms of being fun from my perspective, but they’re not quite at the caliber of the original titles. Although I thought Trials and Tribulations was a bit of a slog. Apollo Justice was good though. Spirit of Justice definitely gets interesting but it take entirely too long to get interesting. And both those 3DS ones are like 30 hours long apiece, which I also thought was too much.



Been playing Apex on PS4 recently. It’s enjoyable because of the limited time I generally have to game. You can be satisfied with a 15-25 minute round. If you get teamed up with some good random players, even a short 5-10 minute foray can be satisfying.

Apex appeals to me more than other Battle Royale games for a few reasons:

  1. Time commitment is low. Short in/out tiles as well, so if you lose right away, it takes maybe about a minute to get into another match. Matches last 20-25 minutes at the longest.
  2. One of the best ping systems I’ve ever seen. Fast, easy, clear in game pings with appropriate character call outs make voice chat helpful, but unnecessary.
  3. Low learning curve. It’s easy to figure out the weapons and items. Inventory management is fast also.
  4. Character abilities are mostly balanced, and can be very effective if you plan our when and how to use them. Aside from that, everyone has the same basic stats and can do all the really important in game actions.
  5. Free, with any unlockables being available over time. The only ones that matter are the characters. Everything else is cosmetic. Characters are balanced, so not having access immediately didn’t make me feel like I was being cheated for not paying anything.
  6. Experience/leveling only matters because it allows you to unlock characters and cosmetics over time. You get the most exp by survival time, not from kills. This, combined with the 3-person team aspect, makes the community pretty good as well.
  7. Having a garbage squad doesn’t completly screw you. If your squad bails at the beginning, disconnects, or you get dumped into the game solo, your chances are not dashed. I’ve won an entire thing solo by avoiding fights, picking clever routes, and being patient. I ended up with only 3 kills in 25 minutes, but with a ton of XP for surviving so long. Even if I’d not won, the xp from surviving would have still been big, as it was triple the amount I’d snagged from kills.
  8. The mechanics of the game encourage you to play smart and start with your squad. You increase your chances of surviving longer, possibly winning, and having cool, exciting moments like watching your last surviving teammate dodge combat to get to your respawn maguffin, Sprint to the single-use respawn beacon, and bring back you and your other teammate.

It’s worth checking out.

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I just want to echo I’m also enjoying Apex.I’m especially happy there’s no hitscan (besides the modded havoc which has damage fall-off and a charge-up time making it relatively unappealing). I will say the learning curve for me is relatively high, as I never played these iron-sights a/d strafe type shooters. I basically just played Tribes, a lot, so I’m more used to mechanics like the grapple and the slide which all feel pretty good. As such I tend to be better at stuff you can hipfire or melee, but I’m learning. I feel like I perform better with “easier” to use weapons that let you stay mobile like an RE-45.



This is really important. None of the weapons (Except the Mozambique. Fuck the Mozambique.) are categorically better or worse. Each one is viable and you can pick whatever suits your play style and they are all quite balanced. The RE45 is a perfect example.



The money I had set aside for Baba is You went to Risk of Rain 2 on impulse. I’m really liking the game thus far but haven’t gotten far enough in my runs to make a complete judgement.



Oooh, I forgot that came out. I really liked RoR1, but I sucked and never got very far. Very similar to the experience I had with Dead Cells.



I’ve been playing a lot of Apex as sort of a “don’t want to play anything to engaging” game. Which is kinda counter-intuitive because it demands your attention, as do most FPS games. I’ve been getting better though as I was only getting single kills at best in most games for a few weeks. But now I’m getting 3-ish per game. Today I was killing it though, got kill leader, championed two games, and was getting 3-7 kills per match.



I’m on pretty much the same trajectory. I’m really really happy about this because it’s finally a competitive shooter where I don’t feel like dead weight, where feel like I can improve, and have improved over a few weeks to a basic competency where I can actually contribute to the squad. I might not have the twitch of the top tier players but I can hold my own.



I’m glad I got the Phoenix Wright trilogy instead of one of the new ones cause Phoenix Wright 1, replaying it, might be one of my top 10 games ever.

UPDATED: Phoenix Wright GBA (ie not with the 5th case) is one of my top 10 games of all time.



I just finished Sekiro, it’s very good.

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Stepping on dudes swords has never felt so nice. I wasn’t too proud to gimmick my way around the last fight though.



I just never let up on the guy, and his posture drained with every counter.

The umbrella is super useful for some of his attacks.



I forget my prosthetic exists during bossfights and just default to using firecracker