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Thing I had forgotten about Mega Man Zero, but experienced just now. Losing all lives during a mission doesn’t mean “re-do the whole thing”, it means Mission Failed and you can just keep going not doing that mission with assumption that anyone counting on you for that mission is now dead.

I reloaded a save at that point, but I wonder if there is limit to it. Can you screw up everything until final boss or will the game eventually just give you permanent game over. Or might that affect the ending somehow. At least the stages are pretty short in this so replaying stuff hasn’t really been too much pain, for my tolerances.

Indivisible is an incredibly gorgeous, but also incredibly hard, Metroidvania.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s technically a Metroidvania. While you do go around exploring, gaining new abilities that let you go back and discover new areas, combat is more like a real-time RPG. So I guess it’s a Metroidvania/RPG hybrid. Either way, it’s really good.

It’s also hard in a sliding scale. Once you figure out the battle system and get handle on some basic combos on your team it can get really easy.

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I’m generally bad at platformers, so it’s not really the battle system that I’m having problems with, it’s the Metroidvania/jumping aspect of the game that sometimes makes me want to chuck my controller against the wall.

That being said, I’m still really enjoying it.

I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. It’s far from the best Zelda game but does have a whale with baller eyebrows, which makes it my favorite game I’ve played this year.


Let’s talk about my history with FFVII.

In high school I didn’t have a PlayStation, but a friend had the PC CD-ROM version. I played it, but there was a scratch on one of the CDs. This meant I couldn’t get past an early cutscene where the characters swing off of an exploding tower. At that time in my life, I probably could have tolerated and beaten the game.

Later on I tried with some Playstation emulator, but I didn’t get far. I think I played it a bunch for one session, but forgot to pick it back up the next day.

Later on I bought it on Steam when it was new/cheap. Steam says I’ve owned it for many years. I played it up until the part where you’re no longer in the central town and the big wide world opens up. At that point I was like “well fuck, too much to do. I don’t got time for this.”

Now I’m stuck at home with more free time. Also, someone told me that the newer versions have built-in cheating so you can avoid grinding. I confirmed that it’s true. The Steam version includes a way to cheat so you don’t have to grind. I figure I can finally get through this game. I’ll give it one more shot.

So I go to load up the game. It seems to work. Controller doesn’t work well. I can’t customize the controls, but it works. The game plays.

And then I press alt-tab to go check discord on the other monitor. I go back and the first monitor is black. I can hear the game sound, but can’t see anything. I can’t get any other window to appear on top of the black. I can’t even kill it with task manager because the task manager is hiding behind it.

And that’s how I gave up ever trying to play FFVII before the retirement home.

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Probably not worth playing at that point. I think FF7 stands out for a lot of people because the type of story it told in the medium at that time plus their age at the time.


Yeah, this. At the time it was an innovative experience, but now it’s old hat as cinematic RPG’s are the norm now.

Or really, were the norm. We’re honestly like 3 evolutions of RPG beyond where FF VII was innovative.

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If you care to watch, the GDQ run is incredible:

They RNG manipulate the entire run (8 hours!) by counting Cloud’s footsteps. For real.

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While a speedrun is cool, that’s not what I want to play the game for. I want to actually talk to all the people in the towns, read all the dialogue, that sort of thing. If it takes a speedrunner eight hours when skipping all that stuff…

There is a setting in task manager to “always display on top”. You can’t change that setting if you can’t see task manager, but next time you start your Pc, go find that setting!


HAHA! How did I not know about that setting after over 20 years T_T

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You don’t run windows on a MacBook Pro using boot camp?

why the hell is this not enabled by default


I think that was a Windows 10 change.

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Yeah it definitely used to be default.

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DOOM: Eternal is pretty badass. The environmental storytelling is just really good, and it makes me want to read the lore.

Basically, there is a demon that is big. Evangelion big. It carries around buildings big. It can’t be killed until the evil demon priests who have psychic links with it are killed. You start the game by killing one of the priests (probably not actually dead, though). You also keep seeing the big demon in the distance doing stuff.

Anyway, the best thing are all the gigantic man-made mechs you see lying around that were destroyed. They were as big as the giant demon, but they clearly got their asses handed to them. If you don’t get to pilot one before the game is over, then the game sucks.


I’m taking the opportunity to play through DOOM (2016) since I never finished it, but I may pick up Eternal anyway.

Ever since I saw the art for Titan’s Realm from the first game, I’ve had a burning desire to fight a titan. Sounds like Eternal is literally that game.

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I can’t stop playing the new Animal Crossing. Send help.

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I’ve only played one run so far, but One Step from Eden seems really neat. Imagine very fast, difficult Mega Man Battle Network-style combat, with Slay the Spire-style deck building and path selection.