Fuck the Police

Chilean cops are getting extremely violent against protesters.

part 2 and links to at least 4 more parts

Warning: violence, torture and corpses

Apparently the girl from the beginning is ok. I’m told the ammunition is all rubber but there have been deaths (something like 4 from gunshots and 15 total I’m told). The clip with the fences on the fire is from Barcelona, so it’s possible that a few clips aren’t from Chile.

What in the actual fuck.



Fucking nice. This is the shit I love to see.

Really wished they had taken sledge hammers to all the turnstiles.

Fuck the police because this cop harassed some people for shopping while black.

But hey, good on the chief constable who fired the racist cop basically immediately. How come we can’t fire NYPD just as easily?

Generous union arbitration contracts. We have the same issue in Philly. Demonstrably racist or abusive (in many cases their girlfriend or spouse) police remain on the force due to the arbitration and the PD just tried to hide the bad apples with desk work or crowd control duties at protests vs more active police work.

That’s bs because they fired the cop who killed Eric Garner no problem. They just took a long ass time to do it. They only lack the will, not the ability.


Attorneys for ICE and the Department of Justice maintain that the students should have known it was not a legitimate university because it did not have classes in a physical location.

Riiiiiight, because online universities definitely aren’t a thing. Also A+ victim blaming you pigs.

ACAB, abolish ICE.


Xpost to war on cars?

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