Fuck the Police

Generous union arbitration contracts. We have the same issue in Philly. Demonstrably racist or abusive (in many cases their girlfriend or spouse) police remain on the force due to the arbitration and the PD just tried to hide the bad apples with desk work or crowd control duties at protests vs more active police work.

That’s bs because they fired the cop who killed Eric Garner no problem. They just took a long ass time to do it. They only lack the will, not the ability.


Attorneys for ICE and the Department of Justice maintain that the students should have known it was not a legitimate university because it did not have classes in a physical location.

Riiiiiight, because online universities definitely aren’t a thing. Also A+ victim blaming you pigs.

ACAB, abolish ICE.


Xpost to war on cars?

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Florida cop pulls over person for driving while black.

Oops! It’s the state attorney. It’s hilarious how nervous they sound while trying to make up a reason they pulled the car over.

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Yeah, I saw this. Somewhere down the line I made the decision to follow every public defender I could in the 5 boroughs. (some have moved on since then, but I haven’t unfollowed) I’m seeing this trend. Mostly it’s them being satisfied about different outcomes coming down the pipe with cash bail reform.

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Revolution might just have to come from the barrel of a gun.

and a tank

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So this is a bit of a historic Fuck the Police, but jeez. I only recently learned about the Hillsborough disaster, seeing the Wikipedia article for it recently after someone on reddit explained to a different poster why The Sun is awful, and only a couple of days ago Well there’s your problem (a somewhat macabre podcast about industrial disasters) released an episode on the event.

It is relevant here for just the sheer lengths that the South Yorkshire police went to cover up their absolute negligence, aided by the horrendous british tabloid press. Just how little integrity do you have?

I also think that this is important considering that most of this thread is about american police. Of course there is a particular brand of militarization of police within the U.S., but it shouldn’t be overlooked that in extreme situations like Hillsborough the first instict of police is to save their own asses and blame anybody but themselves, and that is a global phenomenon. I think recent events in german Connewitz at new year’s eve also illustrate this, with police grandly embellishing events and minimizing their own neglicence.