Fuck the Police

When the fasces shows up on anything created after ~1941, it has clear fascist implications. At best, the organization using it is profoundly ignorant.

More likely…

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Today I have learned. Also, Wikipedia points out:

Here it is on the Mercury Dime

But oh look, in the US House of Representatives, two really big ones.


I was noticing that… I made me a lot less comfortable with my passport… Also makes me wanna go looking for fasces on parliment hill.

I mostly remember crowns and scepters last time I was there.

Sometimes you wonder if you’re doing a job raising you kids and other days you’re at Pride when a cop tries to hand your son a Sheriff’s Sticker and he looks the cop in the eye then at the sticker and sneers before walking away without saying a word. I’m doing just fine it seems.

tl;dr - a cop tied to hand my son a stick and he gave the cold shoulder in a fashion so they knew he was doing it.


UPDATE: Trump has delayed the ICE raids for a couple of weeks.

Be ready.

so like, how equivalent to actual police officers are ICE agents? Do you suffer the same type of repercussions for impeding an ICE agent as you would a cop?

Yes, ICE agents are federal law enforcement, badge and gun and power of arrest, the whole nine yards.

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Cop runs stop sign causing an accident. The other driver was speeding, but had right of way. Cop arrests driver of the other car to cover for themselves.


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How about the cop that performed a PIT maneuver against someone on a Citibike?

Basically rammed the bike with his car.

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Here you go.

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Also, Palantir is owned by Peter Thiel.

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How could someone work for a company called “Palantir” and not know that they’re working on evil, oppressive surveillance tech? The name is as on-the-nose as it could possibly be.

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Everyone thinks they’re the hero that’s going to make the saving throw and stop Sauron, and everyone* fucks it up.

* Unless you’re Aragorn.