Wait are Cane Toads a fruit now?


I’m still wondering if they have nipples, or at least some form of teat.



(you’re not my supervisor, “Is this a sentence?” box)


A cane toad is an amphibian.
Amphibians do not have mammary glands and do not produce milk.
They do not have nipples.

They are predominantly an issue as any other feral animal is an issue. They are mostly in the tropical parts of the country.


I remember them being all over the fucking place in the area north of Brisbane where I lived. They’d be all over the streets flattened in my neighborhood. I was terrified of them for a long time because my mom got it in my head they’d shoot venom into your eyes and you’d go blind. They do shoot venom and it will definitely fuck your eyes up but I think the probability of that happening to a human is lower than a dog or something getting up close to one.

Our neighbors dogs didn’t seem to encounter it but the bigger threat for them was ticks in the bush. Our neighbors would have to check them daily and one time they somehow missed one and the dog got dangerously close to dying.


The more pulp the better. I want to feel like I’m eating an orange I didn’t have to peel.


There’s a bunch of Venezuelan bakers at my local market that make the most amazing guava jelly puff pastries. My friend befriended them so they call us over when they’re fresh and hot.


Fun toad fact! Some of Australia’s more intelligent birds (crows and magpies) have learnt to flip cane toads over and eat their bellies while avoiding their poison sacs.


Waaaaah, Smooth is the way to go. I don’t want to strain out my drink, or have bits stuck in my teeth. The only exception is the ones with aloe in them.

In grape news there is some of those ‘magic’ ones in my local store that are over 1000 yen. I will try and get a picture tomorrow if I have time.



Wait, are bananas and watermelons really considered berries? Honestly I don’t even know what berries are any more.


Welcome to a conversation the FRC had a decade ago.


I thought we were to avoid semantic arguments about what is and what isn’t a fruit, which made me think that we’re to assume everything is a fruit, like cars.


I think bikes are a better fruit than cars.


I would take a ripe car over an unripe bike, though.


I prefer airplanes myself.


Trains man, specifically monorails, are amazing!


I only like V8 powered fruit.


This ain’t the vegetables thread, get that shit outta here.:laughing:


It’s true, bullet trains are delicious!!