Incidentally, I pretty much stopped eating grapes entirely once I got into wine. The two aren’t necessarily related, I just stopped eating grapes once I moved out on my own since I didn’t care enough to get them as I only ate them when I was young because they were always there.


I eat the fruit that is in season. September is best grape time.


IIRC, I heard on a podcast you bought a fancy bottle of pinot noir grape juice and it was like the best bottle of grape juice you ever have. Wine Grapes used for Juice. Where can be that shit be found?


I grew up eating guava and cuban guava pastries in Florida, but have never seen a decent looking guava at a market in New York State. Why you not want deluciousness, NY?


We get good guavas here in the City, probably due to high demand.


I have a guava tree in my backyard, there are 12 bottle of guava jam hanging around, pretty great on toast. Have tried making guava icing for muffins but ended up being too sweet, so was better to smash through the muffin in the mixing process.

Have also made guava juice but was a bit thick for juice, great as a replacement for a thickshake.


I’ve never had guava jam. I wasn’t even aware such majesty existed.


Go make some Bocadillo, son. That’s where it’s at.


I’ll have to ask my Mum for some whole cane sugar she uses it for some Indian desserts.
I’ll look up some recipes.


It’s pretty easy to find actual cane sugar in the grocery.

What I have never been able to find are actual canes. They always take the sugar out and put it in a bag. Let me have the actual cane and get the sugar out myself!


I’m lucky on that front, living in Queensland, I’ve got pretty easy access to just raw sugar cane. Some farmers even just grow it as a windbreak around other crops, and will practically give it away.

Tell you what, at things like the Tet Festival in the summer, a hot evening, you can get a big cup of sugar cane juice, freshly crushed, ice cold, it’s great!


Can I get cane sugar out of cane toad?


I’m not going to say no, because I don’t know, but I am going to say that it would probably be animal cruelty if you did.


Can you milk a toad?


Yes! But it’s venom. It’s literally just awful, milky venom.


So it has nipples…


Serious question. Are cane toads as terrible as I’ve been lead to believe? (still in the states btw. this whole moving to AU for work thing is apparently happening slowly.)

I’ve been told they’re first extremely annoying pests and that they’re so common that a friend of mine could very casually go into his yard and catch them/ chase them off.


Bit of column A, bit of column B.

They’re easy to catch/kill and chase off, yeah. And they’re usually not that much of a problem for humans, unless you get that venom in your eyes(for example, while killing one), or you eat one or something. So, uh, don’t.

On the other hand, they’re extremely destructive environmental pests, killing local wildlife both as predators(other frogs and toads, insects, etc), and prey(if a carnivorous animal eats one, they’ll often die). If you have a dog or cat, you have to keep an eye out and keep them out of your yard, because if your dog/cat eats one, there’s a decent chance they’ll die, depending on the size of the animal.

They might not be harmful to humans specifically, but there’s good reasons we kill them on sight.


Yeah see, I pulled back my language there. What my friend specifically said was he went out there with a bat/cane to kill all the cane toads.

Here in the states going out with anything with the goal of killing frogs/toads is a fools errand, little fuckers are quick and basically invisible.

So the idea of big slow things that you go cull every now and then seems just so foreign.


Yes I had a strong hateful rage for those fuckers.