FRC Pizza Chronicles


If you are going that route for a quick home made pizza. You should buy block cheese and shred the cheese yourself. The preshred cheese has added preservatives that give you not as good pizza.


This is true, however! We are talking about saving moneys. unshredded cheese is more moneys. Also shredding cheese is a pain in the ass. Low effort is king.


Gotta be careful with some of that though. Don’t use pre-shredded parmesan for making alfredo sauce it binds up and has a weird texture because of the cornstarch they put even in the good stuff.


At least corn starch is better than the sawdust they put in the cheap stuff.


I assume it’s recycled dandruff in the super cheap stuff.


You’re joking about the dandruff. I’m not joking about the sawdust.


If you want to experience the cheapest shittiest pizza imaginable, roughly equivalent to elementary school pizza, go buy the shitty $1 banquet or kid cuisine pizza meals.

If you want cheap, fast, easy pizzas, Tortilla pizza’s in a toaster oven aren’t a bad way to go.


Naan bread also does well for a quick toaster oven pizza. It’s not a cheap as bag of tortillas though.


Top tier is pizza bagels but with an actual bagel. Works better in a regular oven though.


Is there already a term that is basically Godwin’s Law, but about New Yorkers complaining about non-New York pizza? If not, I believe a term needs to be coined.


Well then, never buying it shredded again, bricks from Trader Joe’s only.


Also, I’m pretty sure that block cheese is not more expensive by weight than the shredded stuff.


shredded vs block: I buy what’s on sale + some fresh mozz.

put some cheddar in your blend. not too much, but a little kicks up the mozz/prov/parm/asiago mix a notch.

cafeteria pizza is a guilty pleasure for me. rectangular bread slab (partially risen with baking soda) slathered in sweet red sauce with minimal acid (baking soda again) can be yummy in the right context. There’s also a bakery nearby that does something similar but with better sauce. Trader Joes frozen pizzas are excellent, I like the minis especially since they discontinued the margherita flatbread. I appreciate diversity in the variations on pizza.


They even say dough from the store is totally fine, but they’re pretty specific about the sauce :smile:


Saw the title of this thread, and it just made me think back to 2006 FRC deep fried pizza chronicles :slight_smile:

Scott's reaction


They way the structure groups for school projects teach the smart kids to be really shitty team players and, later on, bad co-workers. You pair your “smart kids” with a few middling folks and a few low performers. “Smart kid” has high standards and after the other members’ contributions fail to meet them, they take charge and do everything themselves. Rinse and repeat. Eventually you make a person who can’t delegate or trust anyone else with work and goes full dictator in any team situation. I reckon mixing in a few projects where you group kids with their peers would improve their future social working skills.


The first pizza I remember was a ham and pineapple from Eagle Boys. While their pizza is lacking in most counts, their sauce was always strongly flavoured and they would put a bit of chilli in it or something because it had some spice to it. While I don’t patronize them any more, I still value good sauce.


The really fun part of that picture is the fact that we picked like the worst slice of pizza to do this test. However in the end it tasted like a hot pocket.


As a newly minted diabetic I can only have 3 slices or so at a time. I prefer a Sicillian slice to a standard triangular one. The best place for them around where I live, Imperial Pizza, has been closed for several years now, and nothing has come close since.