FRC Pizza Chronicles


I still occasionally eat pizza with a knife and fork, but not as much as I used to.


Even if pizza is square, I will eat it with my hands.

If the only way to eat it is by using a knife and fork, then it’s not pizza. Simple.


Fucking agreed. Eat your pizza with your hands like non-existent God intended.


I have no idea what’s going on there. Maybe for the bread. They don’t look used.


Question re: literacy. My handwriting is outright illegible. Even to me. If I slow down and concentrate I can make it pretty neat but someone with my notebook may assume I’m like, completely illiterate and obsessed with DB, staging and prod, because I see those in there a lot, normally just in the form of to do lists.

I think the fact that I realized pretty early that I could just type made me even as a kid really not focus at all on penmanship. Even if I really enjoy the written word.

So the question is: How much does normal handwriting matter in terms of literacy?


I would think there’s not a lot of connection. Penmanship is a mechanical skill, muscle memory and all that.


The first time I had pizza, I didn’t like it. I was extremely young and maybe someone just ordered a crappy pizza from somewhere (I don’t have the full details in my head), but I avoided pizza for a few years due to bad first impressions.

A few years later, I gave pizza another chance at my elementary school and I’ve fallen in love with pizza ever since.


You’re giving me flashbacks to a group paper senior year where I pretty much had to rewrite the entirety of both my partners’ sections because they were so bad. One of them was ESL so I really can’t blame him, but the other one…


Group projects can burn in the lowest circles of hell because depending on the size of the group there is always one or two people who get deemed “the smart ones” who have all the work dumped on them. That pretty much always was me. Other students don’t want to speak up or contribute, either out of some weird apprehension about looking dumb, actually being dumb, and/or being lazy. So the people who care about their grade pick up the slack and do double or more work to not hurt themselves and the rest ride the wave to a decent grade.


To be fair, the one kid probably knew the material better than me so he was still very much an asset. But I saw this near-illiteracy all through engineering school so it’s kinda scary.


I don’t really remember the first Pizza I had. Maybe B.C. Pizza. I enjoyed it enough during pizza oartues at school but the crust is too chewy. I love cheap little Caesars, no shame. Pizza Hut is fine but last time I had it I couodn’t really tell the difference from Caesars so I’ll stick with the cheaper shit. Dominoes is pretty greasy and meh inJets is pretty goodmy experience. As far as other chains I like Jets for that “Detroit Style” rectangular pan pizza with crispy edges. DEEP deep dish isn’t even reappy pizza to me, good or not. More like an actual pizza pie. Plus they usually look like they have too much sauce and thats a big no for me.


I never ate the pizza at school. It was always so awful that I’d rather go hungry. Elementary, middle, high: never.

Other kids were really into it, and I questioned their ability to function in society as a result.


At all three public schools I went to, the cafeteria pizza was worse than the Papa. Worse than the Domino. Worse than the Red Baron. Inedible.


For that Public school experience Ellio’s frozen pizza is the closest.


I have a soft spot for Ellios since as a kid I had a bunch of it. Only when no other pizza option is available I would dabble and have some nostalgia.

Also while on tangent, best frozen pizza? I am a fan of Digiorno.


Our school was Ellios just in commercial quantities. It wasn’t great but it was edible.


For the extra dollar or two Digiornos cost it really isn’t that much better than other frozen pizzas. If I’m buying frozen pizza. I buy whatever is on sale. Usually Red Baron’s will have a two pies or three pie sale.

Also what’s your all’s take on the pizza bagel bites and those totino’s pizza roles? I was never a fan of bagel pizza bites. I do like the pizza roles though.


If I’m at supermarket, I go for the refrigerated store brand instead of the frozen if I want a good pizza.

On occasion I have a hankering for Totino’s pizza, because that was my Microwave pizza growing up, I tend to prefer them over the pizza rolls because there’s more cheese and less breading.


The best grocery store pizza strategy is to buy some refrigerated dough. Every grocery store I know of has uncooked pizza dough in a bag. Then buy a can of sauce, a bag of shredded cheese, bag of pepperonis, box of mushrooms, whatev. Roll out the dough. Toss that shit on there. Put it in the oven on your pizza stone, or just a lame old pan. Beats every other pizza you can get at the grocery store, and it’s cheap!


If you have eaten a frozen pizza in the last decade, and you feel the urge to do so again, I suggest you read the nutrition information on the box and then throw it away instead.