FRC Pizza Chronicles


We had the Pizza Hut book thing in Kentucky, too. I remember doing it mostly because Pizza Hut had the only pinball machine.


The Book It program didn’t come to my school district till I was already in High School. It was only for elementary schools. :rage: I wasn’t a huge reader in elementary. But I did read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and A Wrinkle in Time. I also love to buy books from Scolastic Books brochures that class would get once a month.


I remember the Pizza Huts being the only place that had cocktail arcade cabinets. Which I still think are pretty dam cool.


We only went to pizza hut for a brief period. It has one of those cabinets where you could choose from 5 Genesis games.

Rise from your grave!!


Our Pizza hut had TMNT Arcade, Ms Pacman, and Afterburner. I’d get four quarters for them any time we visited.

Book It was ubiquitous in southeast Michigan.


On the topic of games at pizza restaurants. The local pizza chain Peter Piper Pizza was where I first played skee-ball. I would only play enough to win a prize from the bottom shelf of the game counter. And then move on to other games.
I knew kids and adults back then who would only play skee-ball. Getting enough tickets to win those giant stuffed plushies. Nobody ever got enough tickets for the boom box or tv.


I had completely forgotten about Book It, definitely took advantage of that. I seem to have been in one of those rare grade schools where a good number of students were active readers since I remember having to actually compete to be in the top 5 of the class for most read.

On the topic of arcade games, the Pizza Hut was actually pretty crappy in that area, don’t really remember playing games there at all. Alfy’s on the other hand, lots of TMNT, X-Men, and NBA Jam.


I just quit my job driving for Papa John’s.


Side topic, what do you think is a reasonable tip for a pizza delivery?






10-15% of the order total is good. Course drivers always love more, but that’s a good baseline.


I’m in the $5 camp which often for me ends up being 20-30%


lol drivers.

Here it’s all bikes.


Man that’s even better because the idea with the tip is that it pays for the driver’s gas but on a bike it’s all in your pocket.


They’re using electric bikes. Not cheap. Technically not legal, either.


Even if they aren’t, bike fuel isn’t free. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, one way or another that’s true. Electricity ain’t free and legs aren’t powered by magic.


I grew up the son of a pizza entrepreneur. My dad wanted to own a restaurant, and when I was five he had one briefly. Then cocaine.

Before that he had worked at cecil whitikers.

My aunt had long worked at Imo’s.

And my grandmother worked at a sit-down restaurant called Joe Boccardis.

So thin crust “St Louis style” and “toasted ravioli” are staples. I didn’t have dominos till years later. And I’ve never in my life had a good experience with pizza hut.


Is that just picture you found or do you eat your pizza with a knife and fork?