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I’m liking the look of the new profile wheels and tires in F2 that will be coming to F1 in a few years.

I’ve tried to get into F2 and haven’t succeeded, maybe F1 is enough of that kind of racing for me. I’m glad it exists though, both for driver development and other things like this. In fact, I think there should be more experimenting with regulations changes in F2 that are being considered for F1. With the spec chassis you should be able to get a good idea of the effect across the field. I am looking forward to seeing how these new wheels & tires work out that F1 will get in 2022.

F2 is live on YouTube (today at least (in Germany at least)).

There’s often a period in an F1 race where you think “this is the most boring race ever… why do I bother watching?”

And then you get the craziest last 20 laps in years. I mean, only one car was outside the points.

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Oh sweet. I was expecting someone from the Renault young driver program.

Bye, bye Vettel

Yeah, when a team would rather have legendarily-tricky-to-work-with Alonso over spins-himself-out-of-race-and-title-contention Vettel, you can see how much of a liability he’s become.

Last lap Lando

Last two lap Lando

Hamilton is in such a league of his own, he finished qualifying 1.2 seconds ahead of the next fastest driver. The final differences are typically in the thousandths or hundredths of a second.

It must be so disheartening to see rain during qualifying and just know you don’t stand a chance against him.

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I watched this video and thought “Wow, you can really tell how confident Lance Stroll is when he is happy with his car, as this one has been developed for him rather than him taking Esteban Occon’s car…”

But I checked the comments and EVERY SINGLE COMMENT is the same joke about how this is a video of Racing Point 2019 vs Mercedes 2019.

Not sure why I expected anything different, or anyone to acknowledge Stroll’s obvious talent.

Very satisfying improvement!

Sadly, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the full grandstands on the left and the empty ones on the right.

I haven’t even noticed the lack of crowds at the races, to be honest. Once the action start, I kinda appreciate that the cameras don’t cut away from overtakes for the lead of the race to show cheering fans.

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Stroll is a solid midfield driver. Driving a pink mercedes is definitely going to make anyone feel confident :wink:

Bottas is also a solid midfield driver, who is obviously going to feel confident in a black Mercedes.