Formula 1


Now I know how they keep the rain off the shot! Amazing!


That controller looks awesome.


That facebook video of the camera getting a bucket of water right to the lense is amazing. Materials science is fascinating.


Fun facts, this technology is old as hell. They’ve been using it in the bridges of ships and the observation windows of CNC machines for years and years.



AT the bridge of ships there’s a huge circular piece of clear material spinning so fast all the time and not tearing itself apart?

Like I know nothing at all of this technology when used for this purpose but I love flywheels as a technology and with those things, there’s 2 major stresses on the material, radial and hoop stress and they’re made of metal and they still don’t scale because eventually the hoop stress tears them apart. Not only that but flywheels are suspended in a vacuum and don’t ahve to deal with air and water and all that noise.

What I’m trying to say is this, despite being old, is cool as hell.


I wouldn’t say huge - the biggest one I’ve seen is about a foot in diameter - but larger than those lens-covers, yeah. They tend to spin from the center rather than the edge, simply because it’s cheaper, easier, and more rugged, but it’s essentially the same technology. They’re great for keeping snow, water, oil, and whatever other contaminants from blocking your view through a window. They normally call them Clearview screens, or gyro windows, or spin windows. And yeah, it’s cool as hell.


Obvious missed opportunity for spindows.


Car launch week!

Renault pretty much the same as last year:

I hope Toro Rosso and Red Bull are coordinating so they don’t have the same livery, as I couldn’t tell you which team this car is without thinking real hard:

Haas have gone for the darkest F1 car I can think of in many years:

Williams… new main sponsor, new colour scheme. We won’t be mixing up Sauber and Williams this year!

More to come.


Red Bull… and yes, different enough from Toro Rosso to reduce confusion. I like this new livery a lot!

Edit: it might just be a paint job for testing, and we’ll see the new colours in Australia. Red Bull have done that for the last few years.

Mercedes. Looks like a Mercedes. Ho hum:


McLaren. I really like the mix of orange and blue.

Alfa Romea/Sauber not officially launched but photos from a test drive look pretty fun. I like the patterned look, and the single large sponsor is super classy compared to the logo sticker spam on the other cars. It helps that the title sponsor is a car brand too.

Racing Point keep the pink from last year as Force India, but with added blue. I’m into it.


What the hell is going on with this front wing? I don’t know enough to know if this is weird or not!


Consider the one heart as applying to all your paint job posts.


Last up: Ferrari. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I actually prefer the white fin with the Italian flag colours from last year’s car. The black section at the back, the greyish MW thing, the black halo and the black section at the bottom just make this a dull car. I’ve never liked how the sponsors were just pasted on the side, without using the sponsor’s colours or shapes or anything… so why change that now for this Mission Winnow thing? The car just looks dull.


Actual Red Bull revealed. Boring!

Also the Haas livery on an actual 2019 car, not just showing off the paint job on last year’s car. Might as well just be black.


The Alfa Romeo livery from last week was also a one-off. Which is a pity, because it looks much better than their real livery:

Even so, I think Alfa Romeo actually have one of the best looking cars on the grid. I don’t hate any of the liveries this year, though a few are a bit boring.

My ranking!

I like:
Alfa Romeo
Racing Point

Toro Rosso
Red Bull

Ferrari … the “red” mostly looks orange on the TV footage. How can you fuck up “A Red Car” design so badly?


The Haas reminds me of the Lotus cars from a few years ago, minus the red accent.


The Netflix F1 show is pretty good for someone with moderately-interested-American level of knowledge about the sport.

Daniel Ricciardo’s PR team is much better than Max Verstappen’s.


I’m really enjoying it so far. It works for someone like me who watches the races and follows the news and gossip and politics. I know how all the stories are going to end, and who will crash in each race, but it’s great to see the focus on the moments behind the scenes. Reading about the driver rivalries and backroom politics is one thing, but seeing the moments between the Red Bull and Renault bosses is soooo great.


I didn’t know F1 has these press conferences where they make guys from different teams sit next to each other! Awkward and awesome. I can’t imagine LeBron and Kevin Durant sitting at the same table postgame and taking questions about what team the other is playing for next year.


Race 1 Melbourne here we go!