Fashion. OMG SHOES. Shirts that aren't T


Will someone buy hair products that work really well? Yes, people spend a lot of money on hair products.



Two problems with that -

First, most people are happy to use it, and most of the brands already advertise themselves for human use as much as animal use.

Second, the big problem is mostly a matter of marketing. Almost nobody who isn’t an animal person of some sort has even heard of this stuff.

You’d really get more mileage out of a couple TV or magazine ads, than messing with the packaging.



I used to buy really cheap conditioner and product. “It’s all the same.”

VaguelyWeird convinced me to upgrade to better conditioner. It was night and day. Good lord.

I now use product that costs 4-5x what the cheap stuff did, and it’s also night and day.



Wellllllllll, there are also very different production and safety standards for products intended for animal use versus products intended for human use.

Those people using horse shampoo may well be exposing themselves to something far more hazardous.

So, I doubt you can literally just put horse shampoo in a bottle intended for humans.



There’s startlingly little enforcement on safety rules around those types of products. I doubt they’d notice. Scam away @Apreche!



It’s the Silicon Valley way. Conduct business while ignoring all laws until someone enforces them. And then when they do try to enforce, fight using your ill gotten gains to pay for the lawyers!



I’d argue that’s the way of many industries, especially film. I wonder if Silicon Valley scouts for top lawyers as much as Disney does.



My only aim in fashion is to look like an npc in a cyberpunk game.

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It is surprisingly hard to find cyberpunk clothes. IRL they end up just looking like you’re hanging with Neo in the Matrix. If you search for “cyberpunk clothes” on Google you just see a wall of blackness. I want to get something more in the Jetsons/Tron futury cyberpunk style. You only see that shit on the runways, almost never even in the fancy clothing stores. When you do, it’s almost always designed for human bodies with breasts.



if no options exist to buy you can always make



Techwear can be rather monotone, but I take that as an opportunity to combine it with colors. Especially since most of it relies on accessories and jackets. Or carefully selected sportwear during the warmer months.



Yeah Techwear is the ‘pragmatic’ side of dressing for a cyberpunk future. I have been oft tempted by such things but the price plus the fact that I’m not currently in an urban environment never got me over the line.

My good college friend living in Vancouver however, he eats that shit up. Some dope stuff out there if you shop around.



Pretty much exactly what I suggest Cowboy Magic - It also complies with safety standards for human-use products.



You’d imagine that with the way that people decorate their PCs with RGB LEDs that cyberpunk wear would be so colorful that you’d be forgiven for thinking a Unicorn shat on them.

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We aren’t far off, really. Glowing glasses and tie makes for a good outfit at a Synthwave show. I’m working on adding RGB to one of my paintball guns and coming up with a cyberpunk outfit for games. It’s all gonna come together in time.



Gotta draw a fine line, though. Don’t want to be Tron guy.



But with a combination of EL panels, cutouts, and scrim fabric or similar, you could definitely have that cool jacket from the Cyberpunk 2020 trailers.

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Why not? He’s a hero.

Also, frankly, the world would have been a lot kinder to him if he’d been more traditionally attractive. I think he was seen as a joke for reasons other then how freaking awesome that outfit was.

The man is a legend and a hero :wink:



I didn’t mean specifically that Tron guy. I mean I don’t want to go walking around glowing like a neon sign every day.



I think it’s more about subtlety and interesting integration. A few glowing seams, a few points of light from your headgear, maybe a cool illuminated logo.

We already have computer screen watches so by my take we’ve crossed the social Rubicon.

Or you can go full Naomi Wu with her underglow skirt, live display boots, and high power light-pipe illuminated breast implants…