Fail of Your Day


Forgot to submit my enforcer re-up, between work and everything else that’s been going on. I’ll still be eligible for late application, but I’m a more than a little cross at myself for forgetting.


I would love it if the American people I met over here didn’t live up to the worst stereotypes. I will never understand a person, who has immigrated to another country (with a load of shit left behind them), with a national wife, the whole caboodle who is anti immigration in a country they no longer live in. Just the leaps of logic are mind blowing.


Had to call in sick from work today due to fatigue. My job is the highlight of my week and I have never missed a day until now.


I think everyone has those days where you just need to take a break.


My grandfather died. But it’s all okay really, as he got to 94 years old, was very happy in the last 20 years of his retirement, and he’s been in and out of hospital a few times per year for the last six years or so. I hope I live as long and as happy as he was into my 90s.


Shit I’m sorry Luke, that is a good pictures.Hope your ok.

I had to mercy kill a snake with a hoe yesterday. Pissed off because there was a way to get rid of the thing without having to kill it but someone had already tried to brain it so there was no choice.


My condolences, Luke.


My condolences. It sounds like he had a life well lived.


Yeah, condolences aren’t really needed. I’m not overly upset. I mean, I’ve had friends of my own age die in the last few years, and it’s been devastating. Someone 94 years old, even directly related, just doesn’t have the same impact as 40 year old dying in the next room of a heart attack and having to sit in a room with his wife and two kids while the ambulance crew fail to revive him. It puts old person death into perspective.


You’re not guilty, but you’re going to jail, anyway.


Going through a lot of existential dread. I think I realized that trying to get a job in craft beer as a brewer or helping a start up might be a bad idea because of the accountability involved from police/State ABC, etc. I’ve been slowly working to this for 1 1/2 years and this prospect just hit me because this is a holiday weekend filled with police. I’ve also been without a phone for days leaving me out of severe connections/upcoming events because I don’t have the income to spend on a new phone without crawling back to my parent’s business plan.

I don’t know what to do. This week has been so rough I might consider going back to meds and therapy when I thought I had improved.


Shit, just confirmed a purchase during the window at a compromised Chipotle. I requested a new card.


I’ve just seen someone argue is all seriousness that the pyramids where built by the Christians and white Egyptians who where enslaved by the Muslims…They are totally serious on this one. Fuck sake.


My house’s dryer broke; it’s on but it doesn’t turn/tumble. Thankfully, I have a dryer rack on hand for the clothes that went through the wash.


My washing machine quit working last night right before the rinse cycle. It was late and I didn’t feel like messing with it, so now I just have a laundry basket full of sopping wet clothes.


Well facebook just suggested that I become friends with my ex-girlfriends new boyfriend…awks.


My last remaining grandparent - my grandfather on my mother’s side - died peacefully in his sleep. He was 88.

He was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, notable in that he was so capable that he lived alone and hid it for almost a full decade well after he was symptomatic. His doctor, when he was first diagnosed, was shocked at how functional he was despite already advanced deterioration.

I saw him not long ago, and he was content.

No condolences. He led a long life, longer than he expected, and he was happy to the end, contenting himself to care for the horses on my mom’s ranch, and (shockingly) working hard clearing brush every single day. He wanted something to do, and being out in the desert working was what he wanted.

It’s neither a shock nor a surprise. We’ll have a simple remembrance ceremony in Michigan. He had a pretty crazy life.


They aren’t good with dates are they?


No they are not. To make it even worse the dude is pretty much me in every way but he’s from Australia.


So, I rolled into a thread today, and it was asking a question - “If bernie had won the primary, would we still have the same republican majority in congress as we have today?”

The answers, from people claiming to be everything from university professors to Ph.D holders, to students of politics and history, were giving thoughtful, considered about how Bernie would have won.

For all that supposed political expertise and intelligence, not one of them managed to stumble across the actual answer, which is yes. Since the US doesn’t elect a new congress till November 2018, we’d have literally exactly the same republican majority congress if Bernie had won. Changing the president doesn’t magically change who the members of congress are.

Seriously, how can a bunch of supposedly smart people, who consider themselves politically aware, have absolutely no idea how the government works?